Mental Health Advocacy

Mental ill-health affects us all at some point in our lives, nobody is left untouched by it. It may be that it visits us at a dark time in our lives, when we are subject to stress, bereavement or going through one of the life’s many cataclysms. It may be that it doesn’t just visit us, but that it never leaves. Even where we are fortunate enough to be free of mental ill-health, we may be in the family of someone, love someone or be part of the life of someone, who is.

Mental ill-health can rob us of our resilience to cope. It can turn our path of life from a wide sunlit road to little more than the width of a gymnast’s balance-beam, where the slightest knock can set us sprawling and feeling we cannot go on. Everything in life that would seem a challenge can become an ordeal, whether it is to fill in a form, deal with a housing issue or deal with family problems. At times like these, it is hard to find your voice. Even harder sometimes to have it heard.

An Advocate can support you in these times. We can sit with you and look at where you are at, where you wish to be and help work out the path in-between. We can look at options and you can decide on what it is that you want. The Advocate’s job is to help and support you on this journey. This may be through attending meetings with you, writing letters on your behalf and practical steps to help you get to where you want to be. It will still be a difficult journey at times, but one that you do not need to do alone.

Everything discussed with an Advocate is confidential and free of charge and our focus is you, at all times.

If you wish to find out more information on Independent Advocacy for Mental Health please contact us on: 01856 870111 or email [email protected]

To refer someone to Advocacy Orkney or you wish to refer yourself please click here and follow the instructions.

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