20 June 2012
Shapinsay Hub and Questionnaire


We are sorry that there was a small printing error in the questionnaire; in Section 1 a box has “jumped” out of line. If you wish to record a tick of approval for that suggestion please simply mark opposite those words, which will be quite clear.

We have been asked what the thinking is behind the whole idea of a “Hub”, and would like to try to clarify the issue.

The suggestion was made, some five or six years back, that the Development Trust could purchase or build from new a property to be owned by and used for all residents of Shapinsay.

It would be a “flexible” building, which could be used for a whole variety of uses and which would be able to be adapted to changing needs, if Shapinsay folk wanted, over the years.

At the time of first discussing this publically with the community, in the latter part of 2008, the ideas centred upon

1. Day Care, mainly for senior citizens

2. Training and education for all

3. Business support, mainly for new ventures

4. Facilities for the young folk of school age

5. Provision of recycling facilities

The idea was that any building should not “compete” with the well-established Community Centre but should “complement” it, providing a whole set of quite different opportunities, comfortable, and open pretty much at all times to all folk.

There is an opportunity now, through our Lottery funding, to re-visit this idea: it is absolutely essential, however, that the Trust only provides facilities that our folk actually want and will gain benefit from.

Returning the completed questionnaires, therefore, is very important, please. The Lottery cannot release funds unless they see there is very clear community support for any project.

Even if you have no interest in or see no need for this suggested facility please return the questionnaire to express that clearly, and guide the Trust as to how we can best serve the residents of Shapinsay. What would you like to see done?

The final date for submission into Thomas Sinclair’s shop is Sunday coming, before responses are taken away and analysed by Sorton, of Kirkwall, the Consultancy Company commissioned with Lottery funding to help us with this.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, 26th and 27th, we hope to have feed-back meetings to let folk know what has been expressed in the questionnaires, and to give the opportunity for more discussion.

Dependent on all of that we will likely call an open, general public meeting in the Community Centre.

Please take this chance to influence this highly significant decision for everyone here in Shapinsay. Thank you.

Sheila Garson
Shapinsay Development Trust

For enquiries or extra copies of the document please phone

Trust office – 01856 711733
Debbie – 07955 744022 
Kasha – 01856 711397
Alan – 07753 117741

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