Friends of Orkney Boat Museum was founded in 2004 in order to support the new Orkney Boat Museum project. Since it did not prove possible to move this project forward, reluctantly, in 2012 after several years of effort, it was decided to wind it up. The SGM to confirm this was held on 21st October 2014 and the charity was wound up on 3rd December 2014.

This website will be maintained for one more year, i.e. until about November 2015, and then it will be taken down. For further news see our news page or the John Rae Society website using the links below.

The two successor bodies, the John Rae Society (Scottish Charity SC044463) and the Orkney Historic Boat Society (Scottish Charity SC044884) will now take up the task of continuing the work started by FOBM.

The John Rae Society now has its own website.

Orkney Historic Boat Society now has a Facebook page and soon will have its own website.

For further explanation, please see our News page.


Using the Site

Articles by and about Dr John Rae are in our Library .

On the left you will find pages for the Library where all issues of our Newsletters and other documents are stored and a Gallery of recent and other pictures.

Finally the Orkney Boat Museum, which has also been wound up, still has a website at www.orkneycommunities.co.uk/obm/   where you can find more information.



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