Partnership groups

The Orkney Partnership is structured as a cascade of working groups:

The Board is assisted by an Executive Group comprising the five partners with a duty to facilitate community planning and with statutory responsibility for governance and contribute funding to facilitate the Partnership.

Each of the Board's strategic priorities is assigned to a Delivery Group. At present there are three Delivery Groups chaired by members of the Board. Representatives of any organisations in Orkney which can help to achieve their outcomes may be invited to join a Delivery Group.

Three Delivery Groups have been set up to deliver the three priorities determined by the Partnership, confirmed by public consultation in early 2021:

Short-life working groups and task forces are set up as required, with the ability to request participation from organisations and individuals from across the whole community.

Ongoing short life working groups include the:

  • Child Poverty Task Force – with a remit to develop the child poverty strategy for Orkney, the Task Force reports into the Community Wellbeing Delivery Group.
  • Economic Recovery Steering Group - this group reports into the Sustainable Recovery Delivery Group.

From 2019-2021 a Climate Change Steering Group was convened. This remit is now led by the Sustainable Recovery Delivery Group, with all Delivery Groups taking responsibility for taking account of climate change concerns in the work they do.

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