Economic Recovery Steering Group

The group was established as a short life working group reporting to the Orkney Partnership Board in order to give it direct access to key public sector decision makers and facilitate a fast response to the unfolding economic emergency.

Membership of the ERSG comprises the following:

  • Nine representatives from Orkney’s business sector.
  • Five Elected Members of the Council.
  • Senior officers from the Council and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

Business representatives facilitated a dialogue with the business community and identified nine representatives to sit on the ERSG, with a remit to act on behalf of the whole business community rather than specific sectors or business interests.

The ERSG identified an immediate need to develop a vision and aims in order to focus effort, inspire confidence and mobilise support. Several workshop sessions were conducted to establish consensus as to the approach to be taken and the most critical priorities to be addressed. The resultant vision document, ASPIRE, was created.

ASPIRE builds on the premise that to recover from the pandemic, and build a better future, Orkney must aspire to be Ambitious, Sustainable, Prosperous, Inclusive, Resilient and Enterprising.

Find out more at www.aspireorkney.com 

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