Consultation and Engagement

Consultation and Engagement is at the heart of Community Planning.  Engagement is about involving communities to ensure that they have a say in the way that the services they use are run.

Orkney encompasses a complex network of interlocking communities.  These are represented by community councils, development trusts, community associations, hall committees etc.  Local development trusts, each focused on one island or mainland locality, initiate and manage new community development, business ventures, social enterprises and other projects.  A community directory is produced which lists around 600 voluntary and community organisations currently active in Orkney.  

Consultation and engagement with all these bodies, and with individual residents of Orkney, are a high priority for the Partnership.  We have a shared Communications Strategy and have developed and adopted practical guidelines for community consultation and engagement; these are contained in our Community Consultation and Engagement Guide.

Community Consultation and Engagement Guide

Community Directory (maintained by VAO)

Strategy for Communication and Community Engagement



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