Orkney Community Planning Partnership was reconfigured in 2015 and renamed the Orkney Partnership.  It was redesigned to simplify the core structure of the Partnership and enable it to focus more decisively on its strategic priorities for action.  The structure now looks like this:

This structure has at its centre the Orkney Partnership Board, assisted by an Executive Group, while three Delivery Groups lead each of the Board's strategic priorities.  

Orkney Partnership Board Members

Partners with a statutory duty to facilitate community planning: Orkney Islands Council, NHS Orkney, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Organisations with a statutory duty to participate in the process: Scottish Natural Heritage, SportScotland, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Historic Environment Scotland, Integration Joint Board for Health and Care, University of the Highlands and Islands Orkney College, Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership, Skills Development Scotland and Visit Scotland.

Local and co-opted partners: Voluntary Action Orkney, Orkney Community Justice Partnership, Scottish Ambulance Service and Orkney Housing Association.

The Board is assisted by an Executive Group comprising the five partners with a duty to facilitate community planning.  Each of the Board's strategic priorities is assigned to a Delivery Group.  At present there are three, but this number could change.  The Delivery Groups are chaired by members of the Board but include representatives of any organisations in Orkney which can help to achieve their outcomes.

The strategic priorities chosen for Orkney are currently:

  • Strong Communities
  • Living Well
  • Vibrant Economy

You can find out more about the work of the Delivery Groups and what they are doing to progress these priorities on the Groups and Minutes page.

The most significant challenges locally are transport, housing, connectivity and fuel poverty.  All three of the Delivery Groups will contribute to addressing different aspects of these challenges.

The structure of the Partnership is fluid, and not set in stone. It is designed to meet an evolving process and changing priorities. So although the overall core structure will remain the same over time, the exact focus or number of Delivery Groups may alter to reflect current and emerging priorities for Orkney, within the overall local and national policy context. Our current structure looks like this:

You can find out more about our structure in the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan

Find out about the seven key values which guide community planning in Orkney.

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