An Introduction to Community Planning

“Community Planning is an important challenge for Orkney. It has the potential to create a more efficient structure for the public sector in Orkney, and importantly provide improved services to our communities. In such unsettling economic times, all public services are being expected to do more in terms of providing improved services to larger groups, with less financial resource. Community Planning can help us to find imaginative solutions within this difficult environment, notably through better joint working.  

Community Planning can be a tricky concept to grasp. This may be because it is something we do naturally here in a small community, and in fact it would seem illogical to not pull together."
James Stockan
Chair of the Community Planning Partnership and Council Leader


What is Community Planning? 

Community planning is about public service providers working together, and with communities to improve the quality of people’s lives.  In community planning it is what is actually achieved (the outcomes) that matters and how people's lives change as a result.  It is also about ensuring that communities are engaged in the decisions made about services which they use.

Community Planning is a statutory duty placed on a number of organisations and came into force on 1 April 2003.  Its powers were updated under the new Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

In 2015, Orkney Community Planning Partnership underwent a major reconfiguration and streamlining exercise, designed to simplify the core structure of the Partnership and enable it to focus on its strategic priorities for Orkney.

To reflect its new configuration and focus, Orkney Community Planning Partnership has been renamed The Orkney Partnership.

The Orkney Partnership's current strategic priorities are:

  • Strong Communities
  • Living Well
  • Vibrant Economy

Our Plans

The Orkney Community Plan is reported annually to the Scottish Government.  Under the new Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, each community planning partnership must prepare and publish a Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP).  This replaces the former Single Ourcome Agreement or SOA.  Find out more in the section on our plans.

Structure of the Partnership

See the section on structure to find out more about the Partnership structure.

For further details on the Partnership, its groups, roles, and responsibilities see the Terms of Reference.

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