Schools Record Label
Schools Record Label is a promotional platform and enterprise project
for Schools and Youth Music organisations to upload and sell their
original music. Its free to join the community! Your combined shop
and iTunes download sales generate charts so you are in friendly
competition with every other school or youth organisation that joins.
You retain 100% ownership of your music. We also have a number of
free educational resources and regular competitions.

*It only takes a second to join free and we can start promoting all
the exciting things you are working on.

*You own your music and you can choose to leave or remove your
releases at anytime

*5 free uploads to your own Schools Record Label and also iTunes..
Your combined sales will put your Students in our charts..

*A fantastic real life exciting enterprise project to engage your
students and showcase and sell their original creations..

*Please Check out our latest
competitions cash prizes for equipment..

*We listen to our youth leaders and students and we want this to be
your Community so if you have any ideas for future projects or
development's of the website........

We would love it if you joined Schools Record label free!

Posted by Schools Record Label on 15 June 2012
Posted by gemma on 02 October 2009
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