Stronsay, one of several islands that together make up the Orkney Islands. The Orkney Islands are situated off the north coast of Scotland. It is 3,275 hectares (13 sq mi) in size, and 44 metres (144 ft) at its highest point. Our peaceful, low-lying island has fine sandy beaches and cliffs, which attract large colonies of grey seals, and nesting seabirds. It is accessible by both sea, and air.It is a quiet and beautiful place to live. It never seems to get dark during the summer months and although winter nights are long and dark, the skies are awash with stars and of course the northern lights. The scenery is stunning in both winter and summer. The wind can be wild though, especially during winter months when it can whip the sea into a wild frenzy which is both frightening and fascinating to witness. Included in the photos below are two, of the village during one of those wild winter months! 
There are more pictures in the Library.
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