excellent website!
I very much appreciate the layout of, and information captured in your website. I have served in rural congregations here in Canada for 10 years and yours is one of the best small rural congregation websites I've encountered. Thanks for the insight into your faith community and your island. Peace.
Posted by Lynn Hamilton on 15 November 2018
Your desire for a minister
Dear friends

I came across your site - and your desire to find a minister for your great little Church there in Orkney - somewhat by accident. I am a minister in a reformed Baptist Church here in Northamptonshire England.

The Church I now lead waited for some seven years until it found men capable of leading. I really understand the despair you must all be feeling. You have a beautiful location, with great resources and a will to support a minister should God grant one to you (I am sure He will). Be encouraged and keep working and praying.

If I were a CoS minister I wouldn't think twice about applying!!!

With richest blessings and prayers for you all,

Paul M
Posted by Paul Munro on 30 December 2017
Thank you for your kind message. It has been passed to the kirk secretary
Posted by Bruce Fletcher on 31 December 2017
Glad to see you are able to move on. Your website is fantastic showing Orcadian friendship.
I didn't visit Stronsay when I was on Orkney but having seen the photos and read about the Kirk a Perdue visit is on the to do list.
God bless.
Posted by Alison Burnside on 01 November 2017
Thank you Alison, we would be delighted to see you.
Posted by on 02 January 2018
empty pulpit n manse
hello there elsie ,
is there a deeper reason why the position of minister is still vacant ? could the manse not be utilised in some way why empty say let to B& b providor /holiday let to generate funds + the longterm effect of it being unlived & unheated must be having an adverse effect on its fabric. is this a luxury that the kirk can afford ? finally the links page of the site is very nice for stronsay websites but what about the part of the Parish that is in Eday and on a wider field other Cof s websites bookshops across the uk .surely the more links the more visitors + mibbe even a minister ?Goodluck ,hope you dont mind me butting in. (again !)
Posted by colin macD on 26 April 2017
Thank you for your comment. It has been passed to the kirk secretary
Posted by Bruce Fletcher on 26 April 2017
Past ministers
My husband and I are coming to Orkney in the first week of May and I would like to come to Stronsay to visit the church. My great grandfather John Thomson was minister from 1861 - 1866. Is there someone I could contact who might have some information on him or his time in Stronsay? Thanks Jean Maskell
Posted by Jean Maskell on 19 February 2016
Thanks for your message. It has been forwarded to the kirk secretary.
Posted by Bruce Fletcher on 19 February 2016
Sorry I have not been able to find out anything about Rev Thomson. Older records are stored in the archives in the library in Kirkwall - which might be worth a visit. There would have been more than one church in Stronsay at this time.
You are very welcome to come and visit the church. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Posted by Elsie Dennison on 10 March 2016
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