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SNP MSP's Silence on ADS Cuts Speaks Volumes, Says McArthur
Posted on 04 August 2011


After writing to all the Highlands and Islands SNP MSPs in July urging them to support his motion for an urgent review of the cut to the Air Discount Scheme, Orkney MSP Liam McArthur has reacted strongly to the failure by all of them either to sign the motion or even to set out the reasons why they are not prepared to do so.


The decision to exclude any element of business travel from the ADS has been met with dismay all across the region, particularly in the Islands. It places already stretched public and voluntary bodies under even more financial strain. Yet, despite this fact, not one of the region’s SNP MSPs has been prepared to back calls for Ministers to even review the cuts and the impact they are having.


Responding to this, Orkney’s MSP said:


“The silence of SNP Highlands & Islands members on this issue speaks volumes.


“Along with my Shetland colleague, Tavish Scott, I will continue to campaign for these damaging cuts to be reversed. But I cannot understand why SNP regional members are not even prepared to support calls from local Councils, businesses, voluntary groups and the wider public for Ministers to at least review the situation and the impact the cuts are having.


“Pretending that this is the fault of the EU or anyone else for that matter simply won’t wash. This decision was conceived, implemented and enforced here in Scotland by SNP Ministers. 


“Yet, while my parliamentary motion has received cross-party backing from all of the Scottish Liberal Democrat, Labour and Tory MSPs from the region, SNP MSPs have chosen to put party loyalty ahead of the interests of their constituents.”


“People across the Highlands & Islands will take a very dim view of this approach. Quite rightly, they expect their representatives to be their voice in parliament not simply government’s mouthpiece in the Highlands & Islands”.

Posted on 04 August 2011
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