Visiting Happy Valley

The Friends of Happy Valley are delighted that so many people, young and old, come to enjoy Happy Valley and we want to keep it as a beautiful, welcoming, place where children can play, families can picnic, birdwatchers can spot rare migrant species and everyone can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

There are several ways in which you can help us to keep this lovely environment for everyone to use. Firstly please get in touch (email) if you see any problems - whether it be a stray sheep amongst the trees, or any damage from wind, water or people. The sooner that we, or the Council, know the sooner we can sort it out.

Secondly a few obvious requests. Please remove all your rubbish, pick up and remove dog poo (all areas are used by children so this is very important as you will understand). Please don't remove any wood or branches - they are great homes for fungi and insects and an important part of the ecology of a healthy woodland. Popularity can bring its own problems and after busy periods, there is often a lot of erosion to paths and banks and we would appreciate it if you could keep to the main path and respect any ropes, brash or signs across any areas on which we are encouraging regrowth with plants including the ever-popular bluebells.

Group Visits             

We know that many groups also come and enjoy Happy Valley and again we welcome this. Obviously we cannot guarantee you will have the place to yourselves, so please be sensitive to other users. It would be helpful if any groups planning a visit could please contact us so that we could add your date to our calendar and hopefully ensure that we can avoid more than one group at a time arriving.

Please note that access to Happy Valley is not suitable for coaches or large vehicles, and access for those with mobility issues is limited.




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