As you can see, this site is under construction. We hope this will be a place to update everyone on the activities of the Friends of Happy Valley. We would also very much like to collect and feature stories and photos of Edwin Harrold, its creator and longterm resident, so please contact us if you can help with this.

Happy Valley is a much-loved, magical woodland garden in Stenness, Orkney and was created over many years by Edwin Harrold who lived there from 1948 and who created this small woodland over his lifetime. Edwin welcomed visitors to his garden and people came from near and far to visit Happy Valley and to chat to Edwin.

After Edwin's death, it was gifted by its owner, Professor Isbister, to Orkney Islands Council so that it could remain a place that the public could continue to freely enjoy. An informal group of people got together to help look after it and to keep its story alive. This led eventually to the formation of our charity, the 'Friends of Happy Valley'.


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