An exciting and important part of the Club's work is supporting the gathering of records of flora and fauna species in the County. Your records are a vital part of this - please click here to download a single-species record card or here to download a multi-species Excel form to tell us what you have seen.

To maintain the reliability of records, there are expert County Recorders for different groups, from mosses to woodlice. Information about possible sightings should always be submitted to the appropriate Recorder for confirmation - there are instructions in the Excel form, whilst the Recorders can also be contacted using the email link or other contact details below. All records are sent from the Recorder to the Orkney Wildlife Information and Records Centre, see Orkney Biodiversity Records Centre which makes them available.

There are many national recording schemes collecting records, but please remember that records submitted to these rarely find their way back to the local records centre, meaning potentially important and useful records are not available locally. Please, therefore, always remember to submit your findings to the OWIRC, even if you are sending them to other recording schemes as well.

There is a full list of Recorders and the taxa they cover in the latest edition of the Field Club's Bulletin, the Orkney Naturalist but all those listed below can be readily contacted by email or telephone.

  • Algae - marine (seaweeds) - Prof. Martin Wilkinson, 07720192729

  • Algae - freshwater - Eileen Summers, Easthouse, Toab, Deerness, KW17 2QG

  • Amphibians and reptiles - Chris Booth

  • Bats - Tim Dean
  • Beetles - Brian Ribbands

  • Birds - Jim Williams

  • Bumblebees, solitary bees, wasps & ants - VACANT

  • Butterflies and moths - Sydney Gauld

  • Caddis flies, mayflies and stoneflies - Ross Andrew, Millfield Cottage, Costa, Evie, KW17 2NJ

  • Centipedes and millipedes - VACANT

  • Cetaceans - Chris Booth

  • Cnidaria (sea anemones, jellyfish, hydroids, comb jellies and siphonophores) - Penny Martin

  • Crustacea (marine) - Anne Bignall

  • Dragonflies and Damselflies  - Graeme Walker

  • Earthworms, leeches etc - VACANT

  • Echinodermata (Sea Urchins, Starfish etc) - VACANT

  • Fish - Chris Booth

  • Fungi - Julian Branscombe

  • Grasshoppers - Dick Matson

  • Hoverflies - Alastair Forsyth

  • Isopods (Woodlice & relatives) - VACANT

  • Lichens - Roger Davies

  • Mammals (excepting Bats and Cetaceans) - Brian Ribbands

  • Molluscs - marine (sea slugs, cephalopods, shells etc) - 

  • Molluscs - terrestrial ( slugs and snails) - VACANT

  • Mosses, liverworts & hornworts - John Crossley

  • Sawflies - Jenni Stockan
  • Slime Moulds - Lee Johnson

  • Spiders, pseudoscorpions and harvestmen - Edward Milner

  • Stoneworts - Effy Everiss, Rosebank Cottage, Harray, KW17 2JU

  • True Bugs (Hemiptera) - Peter Kirby

  • True flies (Diptera) except hoverflies - Lee Johnson

  • Vascular Plants - John Crossley

We are starting to add definitive, up-to-date County Species Lists to this website. Once in place, these will help naturalists recognise whether they may have spotted a rarity which should be reported!

So far lists of the following can be viewed on line:

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