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Orkney Community Plan consultation
Posted on 11 October 2011


Get involved in your plan for Orkney
The Orkney Community Planning Partnership has published their commitment to the county for the next three years in a draft Orkney Community Plan.
The draft plan sets out what the Partnership hopes to achieve over the next three years and beyond.
It sets out the Partnership’s contribution both to Orkney’s local priorities and to the fifteen ‘National Outcomes’, key ambitions of the Scottish government for the whole of Scotland. 
Chair of the Partnership and Convener of Orkney Islands Council, Stephen Hagan, said: “The plan sets out our longer-term vision for Orkney and has been compiled with input received from the public through the Council’s Tough Times, Tough Choices consultation and contributions from everybody in the partnership.
“It is still very much a draft plan, and we hope to receive lots of comments, suggestions and constructive criticism from the Orkney public during this consultation phase, to help us make it a plan which truly reflects the ambitions of Orkney residents.
“The Orkney Plan will be a far reaching document - it is a Partnership plan, compiled by the major public service agencies in Orkney and the voluntary sector all working together.
“Some of the developments it describes will be part of our lives for decades to come, so I encourage everyone with an interest in the shape of Orkney’s community to read the draft plan and have their say.”
The new Plan includes some “asks” from the Partnership to the Scottish Government including:
  • Strengthen Orkney’s grid capacity to support its renewable energy industry
  • Support Orkney’s emerging marine renewables industry and the development of a marine campus
  • Gain Scottish control of Scotland’s shoreline and seabed from the Crown Estate
  • Agree how to fund essential investment in Orkney’s internal ferry network
  • Restore business travel to the Air Discount Scheme
  • Extend the Road Equivalent Tariff scheme to Orkney
It also highlights key areas of work that the Partnership will be pursuing, including:
  • Working with local businesses to help identify development opportunities and build a skilled workforce to help strengthen Orkney’s economy
  • Encouraging Orkney residents to work together with service providers to help create care services which optimise independence and wellbeing at home
  • Working to support the ten Island Development Trusts to continue to develop projects and build capacity within the organisations
A full copy of the draft Orkney Plan is available from this website and the Council’s website www.orkney.gov.uk .
To take part in the consulation:
The consultation period will close on Monday 21 November 2011.
Posted on 11 October 2011
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