Where people have their own voice advocacy means making sure they are heard; where they have difficulty speaking up it means providing help; where they have no voice it means speaking up for them - Herbert and Mould (1992)'The Advocacy Role in Public Child Welfare'

What is an independent advocacy service? 

Advocacy Orkney supports people who are vulnerable and may experience difficulty making their views and wishes heard by others. Those ‘others’ may be professionals like doctors, carers, council officials etc but may include relatives or anyone else you don’t feel is listening to your point of view.


What kind of things can an advocacy service help me with? 

 Advocacy Orkney can support you to sort out all kinds of issues including: 

Safeguarding your Human Rights

ü      How to get help with benefit problems 

ü      How to obtain legal advice 

ü      Your health, treatment and the support you are receiving

ü      Your rights within various 'systems' e.g. the Mental Health system,

     Community Care system and the Adult/ Child Protection system

ü      Housing or accommodation problems

ü      Conflicts with other people e.g. a carer, a neighbour, a doctor, a solicitor

ü      Work, education or other activities

Self- Directed Support

ü      Anything else that may be bothering you 

Advocates cannot deal with matters such as personal banking, shopping, sorting of mail for example. However we can help signpost you to the appropriate service in Orkney if those things are required.


In a residential setting like a hospital or a home for the elderly,  Advocacy Orkney, can work with professionals to make sure that you are involved in and consulted on all aspects of your care and treatment.  

Advocates can help with:


  •      Everyday problems occurring within the hospital/home, such as care packages or the withdrawal of other services patients/residents receive
  •       Issues to do with their treatment and discharge
  •       Legal liaison - helping people get legal advice and representation to deal with personal difficulties
  •       Arranging meetings with staff and legal representatives
  •       Preparation for case conferences and review meetings with care managers, consultants, key nurses/key workers
  • Ensuring your voice is heard in any decisions being made about you
  • Support in understanding and accessing information on appointment of a Power of Attorney




Unfortunately, due to the limited amount of funding we receive we cannot offer our service to everyone. In order that our support is given where it is most needed we prioritise support to people who may be experiencing Mental Health issues, Homlessness, have a Learning Disability or are a child/young person looked after by the Local Authority.Thereafter we hear all generic cases on merit and will advocate if we have resource and capapcity to do so. The Service Manager and staff will meet with anyone who wishes to make use of our service and the issue of stautory entitlement to advocacy and need will be discussed. During the initial intake meeting we can also decide on prioritisation of the case and advise you of this.

The following list gives an indication of the groups of people that we will always consider for support but don’t worry if you think you don’t fall into any of the categories, we will look at your circumstances and where it is not appropriate for Advocacy Orkney to support you we will, with your permission, refer you to other agencies or place your case on a waiting list if appropriate.


·        Physically disability

·        Learning disability

·        Mental ill-health

·        Dementia

·        Elderly

·        Parents of children with additional support needs

·        Parents of children in the care system     

·        People who are alcohol or drug dependent

Anyone affected by Stroke or with an Acquired Brain Injury

Anyone eligible for Self-Directed Support

Anyone facing homelessness

Anyone experiencing poverty and disadvantage


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Do I have to pay to use the service?

No. Our service is free to all.

Can I ask you to close my case at any time and remove any information from your database?

Yes. We only hold infortmation relevant to your case and with your permission. We comply with data regulations and we will ask you to consent to this on your first visit.




Can I make a donation to your service?

Absolutely. We are a charity and rely on funding to be able to offer our service free of charge. You can donate any amount by cheque or by hand and we will issue you with a receipt. All donations are declared to our independent accountant and to the Board of Directors, though remain anonymous by giver unless you wish us to state your name.

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