What is the Orkney Woodland Group?

Orkney Woodland Group consists of local representatives from Orkney Islands Council, NatureScot, the RSPB, Orkney Field Club and Orkney Woodland Project who meet twice a year to discuss local woodland issues and ideas. OWG also welcomes representatives from Woodland Trust Scotland and Scottish Forestry to our meetings.


What is our vision?

‘To enhance and enrich our environment and heritage by conserving our existing woodlands and extending woodland habitats, creating attractive landscapes for people and wildlife.’


What are our objectives?

  • To create more opportunities for people of all abilities to enjoy trees by providing woodland recreation in towns and in the countryside.
  • To raise public awareness of trees and woodlands and encourage involvement of all age-groups in a range of woodland-related learning activities.
  • To develop and improve local skills in tree growing, planting and management.
  • To work with local people, schools, community groups and volunteers to conserve, enhance and expand Orkney's native woodlands using stock of local native provenance.
  • To work with local people, community groups and volunteers to develop a woodland resource in the countryside, using stock of local native provenance, plus other species where appropriate.
  • To work with local communities to protect, enhance, and extend, where appropriate, existing amenity, policy and conifer plantations.
  • To protect and enhance trees in towns and villages and encourage appropriate new planting.
  • To promote the sustainable use and management of trees and woodlands.
  • To involve the local community in developing research and monitoring. projects that will help manage and enhance Orkney’s trees and woodlands.


How do we implement these aims?

The Orkney Woodland Group acts as the steering and support group for the Orkney Woodland Project. Since 1997 the group has been supporting woodland projects which have enabled the planting of new native woodlands; improved management of existing woods; involvement of schools, community groups and the general public in woodland projects; plus environmental awareness raising, interpretation and education. These projects have been implemented primarily through the Orkney Woodland Project. 

However, the Orkney Woodland Project role has changed over the years and since 2019 Woodland Trust Scotland has contracted a local Woodland Creation Adviser in the county to offer woodland advice to those wishing to create a native woodland on their land.



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