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Orkney U3A Botany Group - May 2022 (2)

by Kate - 08:32 on 04 June 2022

Eight of us gathered at the Broch of Gurness car park on a lovely bright sunny afternoon on the last day of May 2022. The group consisted of eight of our members: Kate, Sue, Ian, Caroline, Merrin, Graham, Jenny and Rosey.

Our walk was up to the aeolianite rock - a site of particular interest. Climbing the stile - some of us with the help of gallant Ian - we entered the site of specific interest. It did not disappoint!

We were greeted by a host of lemon, gold cowslips. It was warm, the deep moss at the lower end soaking in the sunshine and everything seemed to be breathing in the warmth and loveliness - including ourselves. We were accompanied by continual larks’ song and the whole experience could not but appeal to all our senses!

Beside us as we studied was a lovely field of daisies. On the rock many plants seem so diminutive. They grow very close to the ground. Identifying was done best at close quarters by squatting - giving me a good excuse to lie down!

All in all we had a most enjoyable visit. There was no sign of moonwort or fairy flax as noted on a previous visit on 11.6.19. This was attributed to the recent cold spell plus the very few, yet vital, days of warmth and sunshine we have had.

We hope for many more to come!

  • primrose
  • daisy
  • meadow
  • buttercup
  • Red campion
  • Cow parsley
  • Charlock
  • Creeping thistle
  • Meadow vetchling
  • Horsetail
  • Birdsfoot trefoil
  • Ribwort plantain
  • grass - cocksfoot
  • Red fescue
  • Ribwort plantain
  • Early marsh orchid
  • Northern bedstraw
  • Mouse-ear hawkweed
  • Dog Violet
  • Northern marsh orchid
  • Sea plantain
  • Dune pansy
  • Glaucous sedge
  • Carnation sedge
  • Yarrow
  • Mouse-ear
  • Self heal
  • Bulbous buttercup
  • Hogweed
  • Cuckoo flower ( lady’s smock)
  • Meadowsweet
  • Angelica
  • Plus a large amount of butter burr (Some debate as to whether colts foot or butter burr. We decided the indentation of leaf at the stem was the deciding factor.)

Plant Identification


Mousear Hawkweed

Northern Marsh Orchid

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