23 August 2011
18 August - Stromness Sailing

 Stromness Sailing



Racing on Thursday, 18 August, was to be over the south westerly course 6 but it became clear after rounding the first mark in the first race that the lack of wind called for a hasty rethink. Stand-in starter, Chris Moore, shortened the course to marks 1, 2 and 1 for that race. After a debate between those on the water about which way to round mark 2 and then a bit of a debacle at the mark, both Go Quickly Red and Go Faster Blue had to do penalty turns. Later Humdinger also did penalty turns although not even he seemed to quite know why. Meanwhile Double Dutch missed the mark and had to return to round it and was left well behind and decided to retire on the leg to mark 1.


What little wind there was for the second race was from a different direction and the race comprised just mark 7 and finish. Go Faster Blue had the best start and led to the mark but was overtaken by Go Quickly Red who went on to win.


The full results were:


Race 1:  1 Go Faster Blue (Pete Tipler and Angus Budge), 2 Go Quickly Red (Malcolm Tipler and Paula Hemsley), 3 Humdinger (Barry Jones and Finley Hall), RTD. Double Dutch (Kenny Holland and Dave Bews)


Race 2: 1 Go Quickly Red, 2 Go Faster Blue, 3 Double Dutch, 4 Humdinger


The support boat was manned by Mark Taylor and Ian Johnstone who also instructed the youth training group sailing in the Toppers.



Isobel Tipler

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