Stromness Regatta 2022

Stromness Regatta, hosted by Stromness Sailing Club and generously sponsored by Highland Park, took place on Saturday, 16 July. 

The day was overcast but there was some sunshine and the temperature was around 13 degrees.  The wind was steady from the SSE in the range 8 – 14 knots giving good sailing conditions but not too much unwanted drama. Two races were held back-to-back and a total of 19 boats competed.

The full results are given below:


2-Sail Yoles (Corrigal Cup)
1st  Helga, (Caroline Butterfield,  Maurice Davidson, Kian Brown, Blake Cawsby}
2nd Servyn, (William Black,  Ian Richardson, Emmie}
3rd  Mohican, (Angus Budge, Paula Hemsley)

3-Sail Yole
1st  Lily, (Flo Ungarro, Tiphaine Cazenave, Craig}

Snipes (John Hourston Trophy)

1st  Per La Vela, (Scott Tulloch, Amy Tulloch)
2nd  Mandarino, (Malcolm Tipler, Leanne Fischler)
3rd  Double Dutch, (Kenny Holland, Ewan Sinclair)
4th  24152, (John Orr, Steven Bruce)
5th  Boreas (Ian Johnstone, John Young)
6th  Fiddlesticks (Lynn Bartlett, Emma Thomson)
7th  Hassfang (Chris Moore, Harvey Dunnet)
8th  Rio (Derek Johnston, Nick Bourke)
9th  Bonxie (Lewis Burgon, Findley Hall)
10th  Valkyrie (Graeme Bartlett, Guy Wilson)

Mixed Centreboards (Lasers)
1st  Warspite, (Andrew Leslie)


1st  Awesome, (Ian Rushbrook, Steven Bruce)
2nd  Williflippit, (Calum Rendall, Scott Johnson)
3rd  Plum Crazy, (Richard Flett, Archie Flett)


Allcomer Yoles (Yawls Challenge Cup)

1st  Helga, (Caroline Butterfield, Maurice Davidson, Kian Brown and Blake Cawsby}
2nd  Servyn, (William Black, Ian Richardson, Emmie)
3rd  Lily, (Flo Ungarro, Tiphaine Cazenave, Craig)

Allcomer Mixed Centreboards (Jackie Robertson Cup)

1st  Laser Warspite, (Andrew Leslie)
2nd Snipe Per La Vela, (Scott Tulloch, Amy Tulloch)
3rd  Snipe 24152, (John Orr, Sid Milton)
4th Snipe Mandarino (Malcolm Tipler, Leanne Fischler)
5th Snipe Boreas (Ian Johnstone, John Young)
6th Laser Libertine 2 (Ewan Sinclair)
7th Snipe Rio (Derek Johnston, Nick Bourke
8th  Snipe Haasfang, (Chris Moore, Harvey Dunnet)
9th  Snipe Fiddlesticks (Lynn Bartlett, Emma Thomson)
10th Snipe Bonxie (Lewis Burgon, Findley Hall)
11th Snipe Valkyrie (Graeme Bartlett, Guy Wilson)

Allcomer Catamarans

1st  Williflippit, (Calum Rendall, Scott Johnson)
2nd Awesome, (Ian Rushbrook, Steven Bruce)
3rd  Plum Crazy, (Richard Flett, Archie Flett)


Yoles  Blue Riband for overall winner based on the two races, Helga

Snipes  Davo Harcus Quaich for first Snipe in the Allcomer Mixed Dinghy race, Per La Vela

Thanks go to Highland Park, the starting team, the crews of the support boats, the Stromness SC members who helped out in various ways and, of course, to all the sailors who came along to take part.  Thanks go also to Stromness Golf Club where the Presentation of trophies took place.

Photos below taken by Andrew Leslie and Tony Miller.

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