14 July 2011
14 July - Stromness-Holm Interclub Sailing

 On Thursday, 14 July 2011, the annual competition between Stromness and Holm for the Interclub Trophy - held by Stromness for the last few years - took place in Stromness. Three Holm boats had been left at Stromness after the regatta and five Stromness boats were preparing to sail so one Stromness skipper, with dual club membership, agreed to sail for Holm.  Stromness boats also sailed for club racing points. The wind was light and from the south-west initially but later from the west. Course 6 was used for the first race, course 7 for the second and a shortened course (buoys 1, 6, 7) for the third race. 


The Holm team comprised No Fear (Neil and Glen Foubister), Aeolius (Charlie Sidderfin and Malcolm Gordon), Smurf (Mairi Fleet and Magnus Woolham) and Freyr (Pete Tipler and Thorfinn Johnston). The Stromness team comprised Hassfang (Chris Moore and Harvey Dunnet), Double Dutch (Kenny Holland and Dave Bews), Scooby (Donnie and Finley Hall) and Tic-Tac (Sheena Taylor and Barry Jones). The full results were as follows:


Race 1: 1 No Fear (H), 2 Hassfang (S), 3 Freyr (H), 4 Scooby (S), 5 Aeolius (H), 6 Double Dutch (S), 7 Smurf (H), 8 Tic-Tac (S). Total race points: Holm 16, Stromness 20


Race 2: 1 Hassfang (S), 2 No Fear (H), 3 Freyr (H), 4 Aeolius (H), 5 Scooby (S), 6 Smurf (H), 7 Double Dutch (S), 8 Tic-Tac (S). Total race points: Holm 15, Stromness 21.


Race 3: 1 No Fear (H), 2 Freyr (H), 3 Hassfang (S), 4 Scooby (S), 5 Aeolius (H), 6 Double Dutch (S), 7 Smurf (H), 8 Tic-Tac (S). Total race points: Holm 15, Stromness 21.


Holm therefore won the competition with a total of 46 points to 62 and the trophy was presented to the youngest team member, Glen Foubister, by veteran Stromness member, Fred Johnston. Many thanks to all who took part and to the support boat skipper, Willie MacKay. Isobel and Malcolm Tipler were the starters.


During the evening it was good to see some youngsters out in Toppers doing sailing exercises and capsize drill, coached from the support boat by Mark Taylor and Ian Johnstone. With the progress being made, maybe we’ll have some Toppers racing against each other before the season’s over.



Isobel Tipler


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