03 May 2010
Shoreham Snipe Open - Part Deux

If anyone read yesterday's update on Day 1 of the Shoreham Snipe Open, then you won't be surprised that today did NOT go without a hitch!

In fact, today didn't really go at all.  Richard and I rigged the boat (Aegir) this morning and set out for the start line.  Forecast 15 - 16 knots...though the club's chalkboard said Force 5 - 7.  Wind blowing off the land, and a long run out to the start line; about a mile further out than yesterday.  Exhilerating run, getting up on the plane and trying to avoid nose-diving into the increasingly choppy sea.

Squall hits.

We tack round, mostly as I kept falling over in the boat, to be greated with a sea of white horses and patches of strong gusts and very little else (apart from another snipe who's main sail had a large rip in it).

Not wanting to take responsibility for damaging Richard's boat I gave up the helm.  By this point the other boats that had followed us out had already started making their way back in, and we decided to do the same.  The race wasn't going to be started in that wind.

Back in, lots of debate, but eventual general consensus that with only one race day one and only time for one race on day two it wasn't worth going out again, even if the wind may have been easing a little (too difficult to tell though from a remarkably sheltered harbour/bay/inlet).

First regatta of the season, thrills and spills, exciting, and although disappointing sailing the banter was good and the snipe motto "Serious Sailing Serious Fun" rang true.

Let's hope Thursday night's sailing (6th May) brings a moderate breeze and a fine start to the club season!

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