20 September 2009
Silver Snipe Series contd...
The Autumn Silver Snipe series continued on Sunday, 20 September 2009 with four Snipes competing in two two-lap races over the south westerly course six.
In the first race there was a good battle between Wild Goose and Fiddlesticks but penalty turns by Fiddlesticks after an infringement in lap one allowed Wild Goose to take a good lead.  Fiddlesticks fought back to reach transom position as the two boats crossed the finishing line.  Behind them, Vendetta and Njord had their own battle, won by Njord.
In the second race positions were close at the first mark but Wild Goose rounded it first with Fiddlesticks lying back in the fleet.  As the race progressed it again became a battle between these two but this time it was Fiddlesticks that came through to win.  Njord and Vendetta again had their own race but when Njord capsized on the first lap it was Vendetta which came through to take third place.  Njord was eventually righted and went on to complete the race.
Race 1:  1 Wild Goose (Mark Taylor/Thorfinn Johnston), 2 Fiddlesticks (Neil Foubister/Mairi Fleet), 3 Njord (Johnny Robertson/Merak Borak), 4 Vendetta (Kenny Holland/David Bews).
Race 2:  1 Fiddlesticks, 2 Wild Goose, 3 Vendetta, 4 Njord.
Donnie and Finley Hall manned the safety boat and Isobel Tipler was the starter.



Isobel Tipler

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