13 September 2009
Silver Snipes, Part Deux

Two more races of the Autumn Silver Snipe series were sailed on Sunday, 13 September 2009.  The wind was moderate and from the north west but sometimes gusty.  Both races were planned to be of three laps over a course set as 1S, 6P, 3P 7S but in the event both were shortened to two laps.

In the first race, Go Faster Blue made a good start and held the lead round marks 1, 6 and 3 but then Mercury Too managed to overtake early in the downwind leg to mark 7, showing superior skill and boat speed.  Go Faster Blue’s problems were not over as Vendetta managed to overtake on the second lap but Go Faster Blue fought back to retake second place before the finish.  Scooby brought up the rear.

In the second race, Mercury Too was a little to early at the start and had to turn away but while other boats slowed down so as not to cross the line too early, Mercury Too was then able to approach the start line with good boat speed and be first round mark 1.  None of the other boats could make any impression on the leader and the race result was a repeat of that for the first race.

Races  1 and 2

1 Mercury Too (Tom Mills/Khalid Abdulla), 2 Go Faster Blue (Pete Tipler/Paula Hemsley, 3 Vendetta (Kenny Holland/Malcolm Tipler), 4 Scooby (Donnie Hall/Johnny Robertson).

The safety boat was manned by Fred Johnston and Isobel Tipler was the starter.

Isobel Tipler

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