27 August 2009
Commodore's Cup Final Showdown

The final two races of the Commodore's Cup series took place over courses 4 and 3 on Thursday 27 August 2009 in moderate south-easterly and easterly winds.  The full results were as follows:

Race 1

1 Go Faster Blue (Pete Tipler and Graeme Kennedy), 2 Mercury Too (Fred Johnston and Fraser Corse), 3 Hassfang (Chris Moore and Harvey Dunnet), 4 Go Quickly Red (Malcolm Tipler and Cathy Fisher), 5 Scooby (Donnie Hall and Finlay Hall), 6 Njord (Johnny Robertson and Thorfinn Johnston), 7 Humdinger (Barry Jones and Doodu Robertson), 8 Noringa 3 (Gordon Hill and Ross Manson) 9 Vendetta (Kenny Holland and Dave Bews).

Race 2

1 Go Faster Blue, 2 Mercury Too, 3 Hassfang, 4 Noringa 3, 5 Njord, 6 Vendetta, 7 Go Quickly Red, 8 Scooby, 9 Humdinger.


The overall result for the Commodore's Cup Series will be revealed to members later.

Thanks again go to Callum McIver and Davy Wishart for manning the safety boat.  Isobel Tipler was the starter.

These races mark the end of the Thursday evening sailing for the season.  The Skippers Races are due to take place on Saturday 5 September and the Autumn Silver Snipe Series begins on Sunday 6 September.

Isobel Tipler

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