13 August 2009
Slinky Skills from Cap'n Fred

A force 2, westerly wind, was the order of the day for the next installment of the Commadore's Cup.

Fred Johnston really took up the challenge to make the most of the light winds and overcome the rest of the fleet.  Results below:

Race 1

1 Mercury Too (Fred Johnston and Fraser Corse), 2 Bonxie (James Burgon and Gordon Deans), 3 Hassfang (Chris Moore and Kenny Holland), 4 Humdinger (Barry Jones and Paula Hemsley).

Race 2

1 Mercury Too, 2 Humdinger, 3 Bonxie, 4 Hassfang.

Race 3

1 Mercury Too, 2 Bonxie, 3 Hassfang, 4 Humdinger.

Thanks go to Mike Grainger for starting the races and to Callum McIver for commanding the rescue boat.

Pete Tipler

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