20 July 2009
Only the Yachts out at Stromness Regatta
Stromness Regatta suffered from a poor forecast and a seemingly relentless wind on Saturday 18 July. Lots of folk turned out at the event for registration from 9:00. The wind was blowing and the rain was...raining. The decision was made to postpone the racing until 12:00 as the forecast predicted the wind to drop around midday. At 11:45, with no relief in the wind, the race organisers called off the regatta for the dinghies. The yachts would sail first one race, then decide on a second. Meanwhile, most of the dinghy sailors and rescue boat crew packed up and went home. By 12:30 - 12:45, part-way through the yachts' first race, the wind dropped away leaving practically perfect conditions for dinghy sailing. Too late. Most had gone home. Those that were left, and the yachtsmen once they had finished their racing, enjoyed a much reduced presentation and a larger than expected helping of soup followed by mince and tatties. The remaining parts of the regatta have been postponed to the last weekend of August. Results of the yachting to be announced soon! Pete Tipler
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