20 July 2009
Stromness SC Points - 16 July
Eight Snipes competed in points racing on Thursday, 16 July. There was a light south-easterly breeze and course 4 was used for all three races. Over-enthusiasm at the start of the first race led to a general recall as skippers shifted up a gear in pre-Regatta mode. There was still vying for position at the re-start but all except one boat remained on the right side of the line until the hooter sounded. There was some healthy competitive sailing during the first and second races but the third race turned into something of a procession as the wind dropped. The results were as follows: Race 1: 1 Hassfang (Chris Moore/Harvey Dunnet), 2 Go Faster Blue (Pete Tipler/Malcolm Tipler), 3 Nemo (James Stockan/Carrie Stockan), 4 Njord (Ian Johnstone/John Young), 5 Wild Goose (Mark Taylor/Mark Hamilton), 6 Noringa 3 (Gordon Hill/Barry Jones), 7 Scooby (Donnie Hall/Finley Hall), 8 CrewZen. Race 2: 1 Njord, 2 Noringa, 3 Nemo, 4 Wild Goose, 5 Hassfang, 6 Go Faster Blue, 7 CrewZen, 8 Scooby. Race 3: 1 Hassfang, 2 Go Faster Blue, 3 Njord, 4 Nemo, 5 Scooby, 6 Wild Goose, 7 CrewZen. Retired: Noringa 3. Safety cover was provided by Calum McIver and James Burgon and the starters were Isobel Tipler and Mike Grainger Racing was also provided for five visiting yachts from Orkney SC – Nereides, Stravaiger, Esmeralda, New Dawn and Shiant. Elapsed times have been passed to Chris Irvine to calculate the final results. Isobel Tipler
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