The 2015 sailing season finally got under way a week late, on Thursday, 15 May and that evening was the last racing that could be done in May because of the weather. There was further disruption to Snipe racing on Monday, 20 July and Thursday, 20 August too (is there some jinx on the 20th?) but despite that the May Tankard Series, the Summer Series (June-July) the Commodore's Cup (August) and the May-August Points Series have all been completed. Links to copies of the results spreadsheets are given below:

May Tankard

Summer Series

Commodore's Cup

May-August Points Series

From these results you will see that all four series have been dominated by Chris Moore sailing Hassfang, usually with Harvey Dunnet as crew but occasionally with other crews. A tremendous result, Chris. Well done!

In the May Tankard Series, Malcolm Tipler sailing Go Quickly Red with Doody Robertson as Crew managed to achieve second place with Kenny Holland sailing Double Dutch with Sarah Murray as crew coming third.

For the Summer Series, Commodore's Cup and May-August Points Series, Malcolm Tipler dropped out of the picture and second place went to Kenny Holland in Double Dutch and third place to Mark Taylor in Sula.

Frozen Food Centre Shopping Week Challenge

The Frozen Food Centre Shopping Week Challenge event took place on Thursday, 30 July and was won by Neil Foubister (Holm SC) sailing No Fear with Simon Kemp as crew. In second place was Mark Taylor sailing Sula with Lianne Thomson as crew and third was Chris Moore sailing Hassfang with Harvey Dunnet as cre.

Crew Racing

There was no crew racing this season but hopefully this will take place next year.

Autumn Silver Snipe Series

Owing to bad weather, the entire series was cancelled.

Junior Champion

The rescheduled Junior Championship event finally took place in September and the results were as follows:

1st     Liam Thomson
2nd    Anna Taylor
3rd     Lewis Burgon


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