Stromness Regatta 2013

Stromness Regatta was held on Saturday, 20 July on what was a beautiful, sunny day.  A total of nineteen boats took part – five Yoles, eleven Snipes, a catamaran, a Laser and a Laser 4000.

Some fantastic photos and a video clip taken on the day can be viewed using the following links:
Stromness Regatta 2013 (photos by David Bowdler)
Stromness Regatta 2013 (video clip by David Bowdler)

There were three separate starts for the first race - for Yoles, Snipes and Mixed Centreboards. The wind was stronger than had been forecast and it was a magnificent sight to see the Yoles moving fast through the water.  The first Yole and winner of the Corrigal Cup was the two-sailed Yole Lizzie II, crewed by Richard and Andrew Wilson. Second was Lily and third Solwen.

What was good for the Yoles was more of a challenge for the other boats and whilst most of the boats sailed on to finish the race, there were a few capsizes and gear failures in the Snipe and Mixed Centreboard fleets. The winner of the race and the John Hourston Trophy was Go Quickly Red, crewed by Malcolm Tipler and Paula Hemsley. Second was Go Faster Blue and third was Nemo.

The Mixed Centreboard race was won on corrected time by the Catamaran Plum Crazy, crewed by Victor Byers and Richard Flett. Second was Laser 117289.

A special thanks is owed to all those involved, whether on the safety boats or on the shore, when urgent action had to be taken to recover the Laser 4000, with its crew, which had capsized and was being swept rapidly westwards through Hoy Sound on the strong ebb tide. Thanks also to the skipper and crew of the survey boat Leah for first standing by and then taking the boat under tow to bring it safely into the harbour.

With all the safety boats occupied, there was a long delay before the second race but at least the sun was shining.  When the race could be started, the Yoles again went outside the harbour for an exhilarating race which was won by Lily, with Helga second and Solwen third.

The mast of Charlie Siderfin’s Snipe snapped with a loud crack soon after he left shore and it was decided that the Allcomers race for the dinghies should be sailed within the harbour. The course was not straightforward - as it was a two lap race over a course designed for one lap - and the early leaders, Go Quickly Red and Wild Goose were disqualified for not sailing the correct course. The race was won by Nemo, helmed by youth sailor, Edward Johnstone with Ian Johnstone, as crew. Second was Hassfang and third was Noringa III. Nemo also won the Davo Harcus Quaich for the first Snipe in the Allcomers race.

Thanks as always to Dave, Sandy, Hugh and Margaret for doing the race starting and calculating the results and to the visitors and Club members for taking part. The presentation was held afterwards at Stromness Golf Club with Commodore Donnie Hall and Vice Commodore Chris Moore presenting the trophies.

The full results were as follows:


1st Lizzie II (Richard Wilson, Andrew Wilson
2nd Lily (Angus Budge, Willie Tulloch, Bill Sutherland, Colin Bates)
3rd Solwen (Ian Richardson, Leighton Venables, Mike McLaughlin)
4th Helga (Pat Tulloch, Willie Black, A Sinclair)

DSQ Gremsa (Maurice Davidson, Jan Andersen, Rod Daniel)


1st Go Quickly Red (Malcolm Tipler, Paula Hemsley)
2nd Go Faster Blue (Pete Tipler, Thorfinn Johnston)
3rd Nemo (Ian Johnstone, Edward Johnstone)
4th Aeolius (Charlie Siderfin, Fredrik Sundeman)
5th Wild Goose (Mark Taylor, James Stockan)
6th Hassfang (Chris Moore, Harvey Dunnet)
7th Noringa III (Gordon Hill, Donnie Hall)
8th Double Dutch (Kenny Holland, Johnny Robertson)

Fiddlesticks (Neil Foubister, Glen Foubister)
Off Beat (Lee Thomson, Freya Stevenson)
Skeldrow (Doody Robertson, Paul Williams)

Mixed Centreboards:
1st Catamaran Plum Crazy (Victor Byers, Richard Flett)
2nd Laser 117289 (Ian Rushbrook)

Laser 4000 04180 (Laura Johnston, Graham Brock).


1st Lily
2nd Helga
3rd Solwen
4th Gremsa

1st  Nemo (Edward Johnstone, Ian Johnstone)
2nd Hassfang (Chris Moore, Neil Foubister)
3rd Noringa III
4th Double Dutch

Go Quickly Red
Wild Goose

Catamaran Plum Crazy
Laser 117289
Snipe Go Faster Blue

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