2009 Race Results

Stromness Regatta Sunday, 30 August 2009

Having been postponed twice because of strong winds, the Stromness Regatta for the Yoles, dinghies and catamarans was finally able to take place on the afternoon of Sunday, 30 August 2009.  The skippers and crews of the twenty-one boats were able to enjoy good sailing conditions in sunshine and moderating westerly winds.

The first race was of two laps over a triangular course within the harbour area, with separate starts for Yoles, Snipes, Mixed Centreboards and Catamarans.  The second race was over the same course for all except the Catamarans which sailed two laps of the outer course.  The results of the races were as follows:

Race 1

2-sail Yoles (Corrigal Cup):
   1    Helga                Pat Tulloch and crew
   2    Arctic Whaler   Mark Shiner (not a Yole but sailing with the Yoles)

3-sail Yoles (Orkney Yole Association Cup):
   1    Gremsa    Maurice Davidson and crew
   2    Lily             Willie Tulloch and crew

Snipes (John Hourston Trophy):
   1    Fiddlesticks         Neil Foubister/Mairi Fleet
   2    Hassfang             Chris Moore/Harvey Dunnet
   3    Go Quickly Red   Malcolm Tipler/Paula Hemsle

   1    Katoosh         Erlend Tait/Kazia Tait
   2    Plum Crazy    Richard Flett/Ian Rushbrook

    1    Laser 147138      Andrew Leslie
    2    Wayfarer Das Spoot     Alan Hale/J Walters
    3    Merlin Rocket Super Trooper     Alleric Beckingham/Kenny Budge

Race 2

   1    Helga
   2    Gremsa
   3    Lily

    1    Laser 147138            Andrew Leslie
    2    Snipe Mercury Too    Fred Johnston
    3    Snipe Wild Goose     Mark Taylor

Blue Riband for first local boat went to Helga

The Snipe fleet had a specieal interest in the outcome of the Allcomers race as this was the first occasion on which boats competed for the Davo Harcus Quaich for the first Snipe home.  Davo was a keen Snipe Sailor and long term member of Stromness SC and this new trophy was purchased as a lasting memorial to him, with money kindly donated by his friends and passed to the Club by his family following his untimely death earlier in 2009.  It was particularly fitting that Davo's close friend, Fred Johnston, sailing Mercury Too, should be the first winner of the trophy.

Catamaran Allcomers (Glass Cup):
    1    Katoosh
    2    Plum Crazy

Special thanks go to the safety crews aboard Vixen, Tango, Lena and Happy Hunter, to the Officer of the Day and the race control team, to all those who provided and prepared food and drink or equipment for the event and to all the competitors.

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