Autumn Silver Snipe Series

Only one skipper, Malcolm Tipler (Go Quickly Red), managed to complete sufficient races to qualify for a series result and so took the Silver Snipe Trophy.

Commodore's Cup Series

The Commodore's Cup Series was completed on 30 August 2012 and the first three places went to:

1st Hassfang (skipper Chris Moore) - 25 points
2nd Double Dutch (skipper Kenny Holland) - 37 points
3rd Nemo (skipper Ian Johnstone) - 57 points

Congratulations to all three.  Links to the series summary and the weekly reports are given below:

Commodore's Cup Series Summary


May to July Points Series

The May to July Points Series ended on Thursday, 26 July 2012, with a race that was sailed in a very light breeze and turned into something of a drifter. Go Quickly Red won that race but it was the same three boats that took the first three places in  the May Tankard Series that occupied the first three places in the May to July Points Series, albeit in a different order.  The overall result for the series was:

1     Double Dutch (skipper Kenny Holland) - 92 points
2     Scooby (skipper Donnie Hall) - 115 points
3     Hassfang  (skipper Chris Moore) - 137 points

Congratulations to these three for their great results.  The full results can be viewed in the May-July Points Series Summary via the link below:

May-July Points Series Summary


May Tankard Series

The 2012 May Tankard Series began on 3 May and was concluded with racing on 31 May. The first three places in the overall series results went to:

scooby (donnie hall - 3rd), hassfang (chris moore - 1st), double dutch (kenny holland - 2nd)

1     Hassfang (skipper Chris Moore) - 23 points
2     Double Dutch (skipper Kenny Holland) - 44 points
3     Scooby (skipper Donnie Hall) - 62 points

Congratulations to these three and to Humdinger (skipper Barry Jones) for finishing just two points behind on 64 points.

The full results for the series can be viewed by selecting the May Tankard Series Summary Schedule link below.

May Tankard Series Summary


Weekly Race Reports

The weekly race reports can be viewed using the following links:

Race Report 30 September
Race Report 9 September
No racing 2 September

Race Report 30 August 2012
Race Report 23 August 2012
Race Report 16 August 2012
Race Report 9 August 2012
Race Report 2 August 2012

Race Report 26 July
Race Report 19 July (Shopping Week Frozen Food Centre Trophy)
Race Report 12 July
Race Report 5 July

No racing 28 June
No racing 21 June
Race Report 14 June 2012
No racing 7 June 2012

Race Report 31 May 2012
Race Report 24 May 2012
Race Report 17 May 2012
Race Report 10 May 2012
Race Report 3 May 2012

The May racing forms part of the May-July points series but the May results are taken in isolation for the May Tankard.


Crew Races

The Crew Races are for those who normally sail as crew or are new to skippering.  Sailors should assume that all races are skipper races unless the starter has specifically informed the skippers that a particular race is to be a crew race, either directly before boats go on the water or via the safety boat crew once boats are on the water. 

Crew Races are only held when weather conditions are suitable and there are enough eligible crew to compete and in 2012 only four Crew Races were held. Overall, nine crew competed and the first three places were as follows:

1     Griogair Morrison - 16 points
2     Finley Hall - 25 points
3     Ed Johnstone - 31 points

Well done to these three who are all Junior Members.

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