Club Racing 2014

Annual Presentation Evening

The Annual Presentation Evening took place on Friday, 26 September at Stromness Golf Club. There was a great turn out for the event which also included a finger buffet and darts and pool competitions.

The trophies and other awards were presented by Commodore Kenny Holland who expressed his thanks to everyone for attending and to all who had taken part in racing or helped in any way during the season. Special thanks were given to the training team of Mark Taylor, James Burgon, Ian Johnstone and Pete Tipler who had trained Beginners, Improvers and Adult Beginners this year.

The trophy winners, apart from the Autumn Silver Snipe Trophy winner are shown in the photo below. The Autumn Silver Snipe Series finished after the Presentation Evening and the trophy for that was awarded after the last race of that series.

Autumn Silver Snipe Series

The Autumn Silver Snipe Series concluded on Sunday, 12 October with two final races.

Although James Burgon, sailing Bonxie, won all four races that he entered in the series, that was not enough to win as there were eight races in the series and five results were needed to qualify for a final placing.

The final results were:

1st Boreas (Ian Johnstone/John Young)
2nd Go Quickly Red (Malcolm Tipler/Doody Robertson)
3rd Scooby (Donnie Hall/various crew)

Autumn Silver Snipe Series

Inter Club Event

The Inter Club competition between Stromness SC and Holm SC was hosted this year by Holm SC. There were three boats from Stromness SC and five from Holm SC in the first race and the leading three of the five Holm SC boats were the boats used for the results for the competition which was held over two long races.

Stromness SC was represented by Sula (Mark Taylor/Archie Porteous), Go Quickly Red (Malcolm Tipler/Doody Robertson) and Go Faster Blue (Pete Tipler/Tom Clements).
Holm SC was represented by No Fear, Kontiki and Aquamania.

Race 1: 1 Go Faster Blue, Sula, 3 No Fear, 4 Go Quickly Red, Kontiki, 6 Aquamania.
(Stromness SC 7pts, Holm SC 14pts)

Race 2: 1 Kontiki, 2 No Fear, 3 Go Quickly Red, 4 Sula, 5 Go Faster Blue, 6 Aquamania
(Stromness SC 12pts, Holm SC 9pts)

Overall Result:  Stromness SC 19pts, Holm SC 23pts so a win for Stromness SC.

Well done the team.


The Beginners and Improvers from the Youth training groups each competed in end of training races on Wednesday, 20 August, sailing Toppers. The Beginners did one two-lap race and the Improvers three one-lap races. The results were as follows:


Race 1: 1 Liam Thomson, 2 George Campbell, 3 Bruce Tait


Race 1: 1 Anna Taylor, 2 Jenna Young, 3 Mirka Borek, 4 Ruairidh Galbraith, 5 Amy Johnston, 6 Rtd. Archie Porteous

Race 2: 1 Jenna Young, 2 Ruairidh Galbraith, 3 Archie Porteous, 4 Amy Johnston, 5 Anna Taylor, 6 Mirka Borek

Race 3: 1 Archie Porteous, 2 Jenna Young, 3 Anna Taylor, 4 Amy Johnston, 5 Mirka Borek, 6 Ruairidh Galbraith

Overall Result: 1 Jenna Young (5 points), 2 Anna Taylor (9 points), 3 Archie Porteous (10 points), 4 Ruairidh Galbraith (12 points), 5 Amy Johnston (13 points), 6 Mirka Borek (14 points).  The winner of this event will be the first to be presented with the new Scottish Sea Farms Junior Champion trophy, which will be awarded at the Club presentation evening on Friday, 26 September.

Commodore's Cup Series

With just one more evening of racing to go, the first three places are currently held by Go Quickly Red (21 points), Go Faster Blue (35 points) and Double Dutch (47 points) but very close behind are Noringa 3 (48 points) and Nemo (52 points).

2014 Commodore's Cup

Frozen Food Centre Shopping Week Trophy

The delayed trophy races were held on 31 July, with the results also counting for the Summer Series and Main Points Series. Five boats competed in three races over course No. 1, with wind from the North / North West

Go Faster Blue (Pete Tipler/Calum Miller) won all three races and the trophy which will be presented at the Presentation Evening on 28 August. In second place was Sula (Mark Taylor/Malcolm Tipler) with 7 points and in third place was Humdinger (Barry Jones/Paula Hemsley) with 10 points.

Summer Series

The races for the Frozen Food Centre Shopping Week Trophy also counted as points races for the Summer Series and the first three places were as shown above. The full results for the series can be seen by clicking on the link below.

2014 Summer Series

May Tankard

The May Tankard series was concluded on Thursday, 29 May.  The series was won by Bonxie (James Burgon) with a total of 13 points. Boreas (Ian Johnstone) was second with 27 points and Go Quickly Red (Malcolm Tipler) third. For the full series result please click on the link below.

2014 May Tankard Series

Points Series

The last races of the Commodore's Cup Series are also the last races of the May-August Points Series.

Go Quickly Red (Malcolm Tipler) has an unassailable lead on 93 points at present, with Boreas (Ian Johnstone) in second place on 179 points.  It is very close for third place with Sula (Mark Taylor) on 194 points and Scooby (Donnie Hall) on 195 points.

2014 Points Series

Crew Series

Owing to the running of the three races for the Frozen Food Centre Shopping Week Trophy, there was no Crew Race on 31 July. The results therefore remain unchanged from the previous week and the series has now ended. To view the full results please click on the link below.

2014 Crew Series

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