Community Wellbeing Project

The Enhancing Well-being within our Island Communities project follows on from research conducted in 2018 and is aimed at facilitating access for older people and low-income households to services and activities which support their health and wellbeing. This may include further research, enhancing existing services, identifying gaps in current health and wellbeing services, and encouraging the development of new initiatives by community groups and businesses.

The Stronsay Community Led Wellbeing Facebook Page was created to keep residents of Stronsay up to date on the project, provide information on different activities and services available to older residents, share research on the importance of community-led wellbeing, and offer a space for residents to share ideas about activities or groups that support community wellbeing.

To be in touch with the Stronsay Community Wellbeing Coordinator, please email: [email protected] or call 01857 616410.

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