The trust is a community-based organisation established in August 2004 and is charged with promoting the sustainability of its community by gathering ideas from the residents, identifying projects, and turning these into fully- realised community assets.

The Trust is actively engaged in improving the quality of life and providing greater opportunities for members of the community and follows a clear set of aims and objectives.


To manage community land and associated assets for the benefit of the community and the public in general.

• To provide facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation available to the public at large.

• To advance education and in particular to promote opportunities for learning for the benefit of the general public.

• To advance education through promotion of the arts.

• To preserve, restore and improve the environment (both the natural and the built heritage).

• To provide or assist in the provision of housing.

• To relieve poverty among the residents of the community.

• To promote training with particular reference to skills that will assist the participants in obtaining paid employment.

• To encourage, stimulate and support volunteering.

• To promote and protect the wellbeing and physical health of the residents of the community


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