Garden Pass-it-on Day 2011


This is a special day where everything with any association with gardening is passed on, swapped or donated at STEPTOZE YARD. From pots to plants, to buckets and spades, if people need to find, donate or swap something for the garden we make it our job to help!

This event was such a success last year with Jenny and Jenni both sitting out at the site with deckchairs, having a fine old time, it was something we were really keen to have again in 2011! Luckily for us, for the second Pass-it-on Day on 11th June 2011 the sun shone, the wind calmed and we had a really lovely day. A big thank you to all who attended and helped behind the scenes - this day raised over £200 for Orkney Zerowaste and that's pretty grand!

The site was quite busy with a lot of folk coming and going, some swapping, some buying and some donating - others just coming for a browse which was great fun too! We had every type of plant from herbs to flowers grown in old polystyrene cups, ice-cream tubs, bags of garden plants to split and share and even home grown palm trees from seed collected on adventures in foreign climes!


A lot of people donated plants and filled up all sorts of containers to pop them along to us in, most excellent recycling. People really did donate all sorts of things from plants to lawn mowers! Thank you so much. Of course there were many recycling stars on the actual day, including the appearance of OZ "Household Recycling Machine" (Clarabelle the Chookie) a real beauty! This handy "recycling machine" will not only consume vast amounts of kitchen waste, but recycles it into your very own food AND gives you a plentiful supply of compost and fertiliser. She really enjoyed her day out at the site and a couple of the home made scones too!

All in all a brilliant day, thank you to all who attended, helped, swapped, donated or just had a rummage, hope to see you at the site again soon. You all made the day such great fun! We're realy looking forward to next year's garden pass-it-on day and hope to have more themed weekends quite soon - so keep an eye out!

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