About Us

What is Orkney Zerowaste?

Orkney Zerowaste is a voluntary organisation set up to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into landfill sites and incinerators.

This means eliminating waste at its source, looking at reusing what we have, and providing practical ways of recycling our waste.

This can be done in a number of ways – by providing information about where and how to recycle waste, by offering advice on waste reduction, and also by providing sites where waste can be swapped or reused.

Orkney Zerowaste also aims to provide employment and training, as well as addressing other social and environmental concerns.

Orkney Zerowaste – how does it work?

Orkney Zerowaste works with local businesses, industries and retailers to reduce waste production at source. We also promote waste awareness amongst the general public to make better consumer choices and improve domestic waste habits. We work with existing organisations to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in Orkney. These include:

·        OIC municipal waste collection and disposal strategies

·        Local and national charities already involved in recyclables for fundraising

·        Individuals and businesses refurbishing or reusing waste materials in  enterpreneurial enterprises.

We also encourage innovation in reusing and recycling waste, and are always looking for new, local solutions for specific local waste problems.

Orkney Zerowaste – who are we?

Orkney Zerowaste is registered as a company limited by guarantee. The company, also a Scottish charity, has a board of 11 directors plus advisors. The board includes people from a wide range of interests and expertise and we also have many individual members and several businesses committed to OZ initiatives.

The board of Orkney Zerowaste consists of Geoff Sellers (Chair) Alan Dundas (Treasurer), Graeme Walker (Secretary), (Vice Chair, position vacant), Sarah Eaton (Membership Secretary), and Nic Crocker. For membership contact [email protected]

Company no. SC279204

Charities no. SC036522


We are delighted and grateful that we have received funding from Zero Waste Scotland in 2016 and Climate Challenge Funding in 2017, which will enable us deliver recycling education and awareness events, run our community recycling centre, Orkney Zerowaste Yard, and continue to fund raise both on and off site to allow us to run our projects in Orkney. We have also recently received funding from the Clydesdale Bank to allow us to buy a van to support our projects!



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