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There IS such a thing as a free lunch!

Our top five tips are here

Don’t waste money on buying lunch that you could have made from ingredients you already have! Raid your fridge, freezer and cupboards and get creative.

In the UK, we spend over £6.5 billion on buying ready-made sandwiches every year  – but at the same time we’re wasting over £6 billion worth of good food, £1 billion worth here in Scotland, that we could have used to make our own lunch. 

Every day in the UK we waste the equivalent of: 

• 5.8 million whole potatoes
• 1.4 million whole bananas
• 1.5 million whole tomatoes
• 24 million whole slices of bread
• 1.5 million sausages
• 1.9 million slices of ham
• 1.1 million eggs

… all of which could have been used to make tasty lunches to take to work, school, university – the list goes on. And this is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many more lunch-friendly foods, such as soup, cakes, dinner leftovers and cheese that are going in the bin when they could have found their way into a lunch box.


So, how do you enjoy a free lunch? Here are our top tips:

• You don’t need any special tools for free-lunching, just a few washed-out plastic tubs and a creative streak!
• Got a small amount leftover from last night’s dinner? These smaller amounts are often perfect for lunch – just pop them in a tub and keep in the fridge for lunch the next day
• If you have a microwave at your disposal, a jacket potato can transform a few scraps from the fridge into a tasty and filling lunch. Top it with leftovers such as bolognese, chilli, roasted vegetables, beans, or use up bits of cheese, cold meats, tuna … the possibilities are endless!
• Leftover cold pizza makes a yummy treat for lunch the next day! Add some chopped veg such as carrots or celery
• Not only can soup be a healthy option, it is also a great way to use up virtually anything that is left in the fridge. Wilting veggies, odd bits of cheese, leftover meats and fish can all be turned into delicious nutritious soups. Experiment by putting what’s in your fridge, with what’s in your store cupboard, into a pan with some stock, spices and seasoning.
• Salads no longer mean a couple of soggy lettuce leaves and not much else. Leftover cold meats, the last bit of cheese, fruit, potatoes, pasta, and rice are all great in salads. Boiled eggs, shredded chicken, grated cheese, and even nuts… get creative!
• Pitta breads make handy pockets for last night’s chicken stir-fry, or leftover roast vegetables and hummus. Yesterday’s Mexican beans or chilli con carne are great rolled up in a wrap.
• When is a sandwich not a sandwich? When it is a wrap, tortilla, bagel, baguette, pitta or panini! Whatever your bread of choice, it’s great for free-lunching, and can transform odds and ends from the fridge into a satisfying lunch. 

Here’s some recipe inspiration to get you started:

Creamy Herb Chicken
Roast Dinner Soup

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