Recycling......CDs, DVDs and Games

Many of us have old CDs, CD-ROMs and DVDs hanging around that we no longer want. So what can we do with them to keep them out of landfill and the incinerator in Shetland?

In perfectly good condition they should ideally be passed on to someone who can use them like friends or family or swap them rather than buying new ones to replace them.

We'd be delighted of course if you donate them directly to Orkney Zerowaste at Steptoze Yard or one of the other many charity shops in Orkney. If you want to collect material like this for us, or arrange collection from you, we'd be delighted please get in touch here.

In Orkney, if you'd like to make some cash from them, trade in many types of electronic/pc games at Grooves, 48 Albert Street, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1HQ.

Local table top sales and carboots throughout Orkney are a good place to do this too - watch out in the paper or your local community for the date of your next sale.

Or you can try Radio Orkney's Bruck Show.......

Of course there's always   the Orcadian  or The Orkney Advertiser in their free listings might be worthwhile. If that doesn't work, give them to your local charity shop or to a jumble sale in aid of a local organisation.

Selling online 'sooth' there are several companies who will help you to do this - just search for 'selling cd's/dvds' and a few links should come up - they often offer free postage too. And there's always eBay, Amazon, or other online listing sites.

To sell these, most of these need to be in working order, with thier packaging. However, if you've older or free CDs and DVDs that you find in newspapers and magazines? Well, firstly check if there is someone who you could give them to. It is not really worth giving these freebies to a charity shop; most won't sell them. At best they will be distributed to the shop staff and volunteers. Otherwise they just go in the bin and off to landfill anyway. So...........with these..........

If you have free CDs and DVDs or damaged discs what else can you do with them then? You can find cunning ways of re-using them as bird scarers, coasters, baby mobiles, catching candle drips, moulding into amazing things, many more ideas here like this amazing cd shingle roof........


And, if we're only left with the option of recycling, then Polymer Recycling recycle these brilliantly and will accept CDs & DVDs for recycling if you send them. Their process is illustrated below.......its pretty cool!


Of course you may have some ideas on how to reuse them yourself.....and we'd love to hear from you here

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