Types of MS

Although there are basic similarities in people with MS, there are some general differences that separate individuals into different groups.


Often seen as a subset of RRMS

characterised by one or a few mild attacks

usually followed by complete recovery and often long periods of remission

Relapsing remitting (RRMS)

Acute disease attacks: stable between attacks

85% of all MS at onset

Overall accounts for 55% of MS

Includes benign (10-20%) subgroup

Secondary progressive (SPMS)

Some people with RRMS later develop slow worsening (90% by 25 years from diagnosis in untreated pwms)

Overall accounts for 30% of MS

Individuals may continue to have less frequent acute attacks or may stop having attacks altogether

Primary progressive

Slow worsening from onset; never experience acute attacks

Accounts for 10% of MS

Affects men as often as women

Progressive relapsing

Slow worsening from onset; later experiences acute attacks in addition to slow worsening

Accounts for 5% of MS

Very similar to primary progressive subtype



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