28 January 2019
Kevin Gray retains Craigie Butchers Cup

The Craigie Cup presentation, sponsored by Craigie Butchers. Pictured from left, are Thorfinn Craigie, winner Kevin Gray, Eddie Craigie, runner-up Robbie Stanger, A League highest finsh winner Derek Firth. Missing is B League highest finish winner Karl Scott.

The Tankerness Hall was the place to be last Friday night for the fifth of this years Ranking Cup competitions as the Craigie Cup took place.  
Much hard work from Robbie Norquoy and the local lads had been put in preparing the venue and it was in excellent playing order.
With sponsors Thorfinn and Eddie Craigie in attendance and putting up sandwiches, prizes for the winner, runner-up and highest checkouts for both 'A' and 'B' players, there was an added incentive for everyone to perform, and perform they did.
There are always some cracking first round matches, and when Ian Linklater paired against Derek Firth it was always going to produce great darts.  
Ian missed a few doubles, but Firthy did what he does best and took out 152 under heavy pressure to win the game, and eventually took the 'A' checkout prize with it.  
Almost immediately, Karl Scott from the 'B' league checked 157 in his match with Ryan Wilkie to claim the 'B' prize.  
Notable performances on the night came from Darryl Robertson who reached the quarter-finals, as did Nicol Gray who put out Brian Moar and Paul Foubister on the way. Obviously the added incentive of a 'B' trip to Shetland this year was inspiring the lower league players to up their game.
Into the semi-finals, and it was two doubles pairings who found themselves playing against their partners.  
Kevin Gray played Derek Firth in one of the best games ever seen in the KDDL. Kevin came from 3-2 down to win with 13 then 14 dart legs, with the worst leg in the match being 16 darts, tremendous stuff!
On the other board things were a bit more tense as Stevie Linklater and Robbie Stanger squared up. Once more it went the distance but with a dart or two missed at double from the 'Stoneman', it was eventually Robbie who progressed.
The final between Robbie and Kevin was a fairly one-sided affair, with Robbie just failing to hit enough trebles to put the pressure on.  
Kevin raced to a 4-0 lead, only for Robbie to produce his best leg and claw one back. Kevin retaliated and clinched the final leg, and retained the trophy, with a terrific 13 dart leg in front of a sizeable crowd considering it had reached the midnight hour.  

This Friday sees the 'B' league doubles take place, which also counts towards the 'B' ranking points table and the main ranking competitions continue the following Friday with the Taylor cup.

180s were hit by:  Brian Moar, Raymie Rendall, Gary Wilson, Ivan Leslie, Kevin Peace, Patty Sinclair, Jamie Marwick, Ian Eunson, Ian Munro, John Garson, Nicol Gray, Derrick Firth, Jak Kissick, Derek Firth, Erlend Ritch, Ryan Wilkie, Alan Gray, Stuart Thomson, Keith Brumpton (two), Hamish Baillie (two), Leigh Shearer (two), Robbie Stanger (two), Kevin Gray (two), Paul Foubister (three) and Brett Dickinson (four).  

Patty Sinclair, Paul Foubister and Ian Linklater also scored 177, whilst Ryan Wilkie had 174 and Ian Linklater 171.
Ton plus checkouts were scored by:  Allan Brown 100, Craig Taylor 101, Colin Kirkpatrick 102, Leigh Shearer 104, Stevie Moar 106, Stuart Thomson 112,  Wayne Small 113, Michael Muir 113, Wayne Monkman 116, Neil Tait 120, Brett Dickinson 121, Stevie Linklater 126, Ian Linklater 130, Davy Henderson 136, Colin Barnett 151, Derek Firth 152, Karl Scott 157, Dennis Watt 119,130, Robbie Stanger 114, 130, 152 and 156.  Additionally, Paul Foubister had checkouts of 106, 120 and 132 which were missed in last weeks report, apologies to him for that.


Craigie Cup Final:    Kevin Gray 5, Robbie Stanger 1

'A' League         
Quoyburray 'B' 0, Legion 12; Bilco Boys 3, Wanderers 9; Untouchables 'A' 8, Legion Arrows 4; Warriors 4, Commodores 8; Untouchables 8, OGC 4; Nomads 3, Sanday 9.

'B' League        
Exiles 8, Vikings 4; Sands 1, Tankerness 11; Quoyburray 9, Muppets 3; Sanday 'B' 5, Shapinsay 7; RBL2 4, Young Loons 8.

Friday February 1,
'B' League doubles (B Ranking), Masonic, names by 7.30pm

'A' League        
Untouchables 'A' v Legion; Warriors v Wanderers; Untouchables v Legion Arrows; OGC v Commodores; Bilco Boys v Sanday; Nomads v Quoyburray 'B'.

'B' League        
Sands v Tigers; Quoyburray v Vikings; Sanday 'B' v Tankerness; Shapinsay v Muppets; Exiles v Young Loons; RBL2 v Murray Arms.

Friday February 8, Taylor Singles (Ranking), Legion, names by 7.30p

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