'B' League Roll of Honour

  B League Winners B League R/up Double Start Cup
(Seatter/Albert Cup)
Foubister Cup
(Queens Cup)
St.Ola Cup
2019-20 Tigers   Tigers Vikings Legion Arrows
2018-19 Exiles Shapinsay RBL2 RBL2 Shapinsay
2017-18 Nomads Bilco Boys Nomads Bilco Boys Nomads
2016-17 Shapinsay (2) Quoyburray (2) Shapinsay Nomads Shapinsay
2015-16 Warriors Quoyburray B Tankerness Bilco Boys Quoyburray
2014-15 Legion Arrows St.Ola The Shore (New Cup) St.Ola Murray Arms
2013-14 Sands '2' Nomads St.Ola St.Ola Nomads
2012-13 Shapinsay Murray Arms Shore 2 Shore 2 Shore 2
2011-12 RBLM Murray Arms RBLM RBLM RBLM
2010-11 Sanday Fanooks Shore Fanooks Fanooks
2009-10 Orkney Golf Club RBL2 RBL2 Orkney Golf Club Orkney Golf Club
2008-09 RBL2 Shapinsay Shapinsay Fanooks RBL2
2007-08 Quoyburray Streamline Shapinsay RBL2 Quoyburray
2006-07 RBLM Shapinsay RBLM RBL2 RBLM
2005-06 Quoyburray Shapinsay RBL2 Quoyburray RBL2
2004-05 Quoyburray B RBL2 Shapinsay Quoyburray Fanooks
2003-04 Royal RBL2 Royal RBL2 RBL2
2002-03 Streamline RBLM Streamline Streamline RBLM
2001-02 Meadowbank RBLM RBLM Meadowbank RBLM
2000-01 Quoyburray RBLM Quoyburray RBLM Quoyburray
1999-00 Legion B Quoyburray Quoyburray Legion B Quoyburray
1998-99       Cowboys  
1997-98       Royal  
1996-97       RBL2  
1995-96 n/a n/a     Legion A
1994-95 Quoyburray Cowboys      
1993-94       Orkney Golf Club  
1992-93       Legionaires  
1991-92       Royal  
1990-91       St.Ola  
1986-87     Buccaneers   Buccaneers B
1985-86 Quoyburray Windmills      


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