03 December 2018
Albyn Shield win for Jamie Drever


The first of the 'B' league ranking events took place on Friday with 26 players entering the Albyn Video Games Singles.  
Erlend Ritch was one of the hot favourites and he booked a semi-final tie with Toby Penwarden following a win over the ever-improving Jason Cook. Toby took a leg off Erlend but the Exiles man was able to put himself through to the final.
In the bottom half of the draw, Jamie Drever had battled through a tough draw and resoundingly beat Derek Farmer 4-0 in the other semi.  
The final was streamed worldwide by the wonders of Facebook, and it appeared to be a very good final.  
There were plenty of big scores and pressure finishes but in the end Jamie emerged triumphant with a 5-2 win, adding yet another 'B' ranking singles title to his two previous 'B' league singles triumphs.
The Legion's bid for yet another 'A' League title gathered huge momentum this week with them beating Commodores, then watching nearest challengers Sanday and Golf Club draw with each other.  
Sanday's challenge faltered further later in the week with a narrow defeat to Untouchables, whilst Commodores remain poised to potentially leapfrog the other two following a nail biting win over Wanderers.  
The Bilco Boys move into double figures for the season after a very good win over struggling Warriors, whilst fellow relegation battlers Arrows and Nomads both lost out to Wanderers and Untouchables 'A' respectively.  
Quoyburray 'B' remain pointless but signs of improvement are definitely there as they took 3 games off in-form Untouchables.
The Exiles remain on maximum points in the 'B' league following two big wins this week, and are followed in second place by Shapinsay who overcame Young Loons.  
Sands had a tough week playing two of the title contenders but they will be looking for points in the next few games to try and lift from bottom spot.  
Murray Arms retained their place amongst the four promotion hopefuls with a win over Sanday 'B', whilst mid table candidates Muppets and Tankerness both took three points from their matches.
This Friday sees the Masonic host the final ranking event of the first half, the festive open singles.
 It's usually a really enjoyable night and the KDDL committee will be doing the famous festive prize draw towards the end of the night.  
Players are requested to please remember to return all tickets and money to the committee before the draw.
180s were hit by:  Wayne Monkman, Billy Ward, Freddie Tait, Simon Parry, Brian Moar, Stevie Linklater, Trevor Shearer, Erlend Lennie, Alan Gray, Archie Yule, Erlend Eunson, Derek Farmer, Nicol Gray, Davy Henderson, Ian Linklater (two), Brett Dickinson (two), Paul Foubister (two), Martin Peace (two), Darryl Robertson (two), Erlend Ritch (two), Robbie Stanger (three), Robbie Norquoy (three) and Kevin Sarling (three).  Brian Moar also scored 177 whilst John Thomson scored 171.

Ton plus checkouts were scored by:  Brian Stevenson 100, Derrick Firth 100, Simon Parry 103, Karl Scott 107, Jamie Drever 109, Craig Moar 110, Erlend Ritch 111, Ian Munro 111, Graham Firth 112, Trevor Shearer 134, Robbie Stanger 135, Ian Linklater 155, Brett Dickinson 100 & 102, Erlend Lennie 100 & 119 and Don Wilson 110, 120 & 136.


'A' League            
Legion 9, Commodores 3, Wanderers 7, Legion Arrows 5, Sanday 6, OGC 6, Quoyburray 'B' 3, Untouchables 9, Bilco Boys 8, Warriors 4, Untouchables 'A' 9, Nomads 3, Commodores 7, Wanderers 5, Untouchables 7, Sanday 5.

'B' League            
Tigers 5, Muppets 7, Vikings 3, Tankerness 9, Young Loons 4, Shapinsay 8, Murray Arms 9, Sanday 'B' 3, Exiles 9, Quoyburray 3, Sands 0, RBL2 12, Sands 0, Exiles 12.

Albyn Video Games Singles final  
Jamie Drever 5, Erlend Ritch 2
Friday December 7,
Festive Singles (ranking), Masonic, names by 7.30pm

'A' League            
Legion v Wanderers, Sanday v Legion Arrows, Quoyburray 'B' v Commodores, Bilco Boys v OGC, Untouchables 'A' v Untouchables, Warriors v Nomads.
'B' League            
Tigers v Vikings, Young Loons v Tankerness, Murray Arms v Muppets, Exiles v Shapinsay,
Sands v Sanday 'B', Quoyburray v RBL2

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