26 November 2018
Latest darts round-up

'A' League            
Legion 10, Untouchables 2, Wanderers 2, OGC 10, Sanday 9, Warriors 3, QBB 3, Untouchables 'A' 9, Bilco Boys 6, Nomads 6.

'B' League            
Tigers 4, Sanday 'B' 8, Vikings 2, Shapinsay 10, Tankerness 9, Muppets 3,
Murray Arms 9, Sands 3, Exiles 9, RBL2 3.

Friday, November 23.
Jim Scollie Masters (Ranking), Legion, names by 7.30pm.

Friday, November 30 .
Albyn Video Games Singles ('B' Ranking), Legion, names by 7.30pm.

'A' League            
Legion v Commodores, Wanderers v Legion Arrows, Sanday v OGC, Quoyburray 'B' v Untouchables, Bilco Boys v Warriors, Untouchables 'A' v Nomads.

'B' League
Tigers v Muppets, Vikings v Tankerness, Young Loons v Shapinsay, Murray Arms v Sanday 'B', Exiles v Quoyburray, Sands v RBL2.

180s were hit by:  Kevin Gray, Wayne Monkman, Ian Linklater, Aaron Mitchell, Stevie Linklater, Gordon Rendall (OGC), Colin Barnett, Erlend Lennie, Pattie Sinclair, Sam Caithness, Colin Leslie, Ian Eunson, George Low, Colin Findlay, Keith Bain, Derek Ward, Erlend Ritch, Kevin Sarling, Neil  Drever, Darryl Robertson, Derek Firth (two), Alan Gray (two), Gary Wilson (two), Gordon Rendall (SB) (two), Dennis Watt (two) and Brian Murray (two).

Ton plus checkouts were scored by:  Kevin Gray 100, Kevin Sarling 100, Wayne Small 101, Colin Leslie 102, Don Wilson 102, Jamie Drever 104, Stevie Moar 111, Fraser Laird 112, Robbie Norquoy 114, Derek Firth 120, Keith Bain 122, Ian Linklater 150 and Ivan Leslie 100 & 104.

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