05 November 2018
Linklater wins Cooper Cup and £1000 is raised for charity

Stevie Linklater won the Davie Cooper Cup beating defending Kevin Gray 4-3 in the closest of finals, which took place in the Kirkwall Masonic on Saturday.
Almost 50 players entered the charity competition which raised approx £900, to be split between the Fishermen’s Mission and RNLI. The KDDL will make it up to £1000.
Money was raised through high score fun boards, a coin push, football cards and a raffle.
League president Craig Taylor gave a huge thanks to everyone for the generous support and donations which made the day such a success.

Quite a busy week just passed in the KDDL and another great example of the ever improving standard.  Between league and cup matches there were 49 180s, with almost half being hit by 'B' league players!
The two crunch games in the top tier saw Legion narrowly defeat Untouchables 'A' while Commodores put 8 past the Golf Club, who themselves beat Nomads on Friday night.  Nomads also had  a crucial win over Quoyburray 'B', while there were big wins for Wanderers, Untouchables and Sanday.
The Exiles look a cut above the rest as they maintained their winning streak in the 'B' league, whilst Tigers, Muppets, Shapinsay and RBL2 all recorded wins.  Tankerness were held to a draw with Sanday 'B' in something of a shock result.
180s were hit by:  Erlend Lennie, Ryan Wilkie, Derek Firth, Alan Findlay, Ryan Tulloch, Trevor Shearer, Craig Taylor, Ian Linklater, Billy Ward, Robbie Stanger, Leigh Shearer, Andrew Green, Ian Eunson, Dennis Watt, Ali Flett, Brian Stevenson, Jason Cook, Nicol Gray, Robbie Norquoy, Nicol Holland, Gary Wilson (two), Kevin Peace (two), Jim Brown (two), Kevin Sarling (two), Stevie Linklater (two), Jim Hamilton (three), Erlend Ritch (three), Darryl Robertson (three), Jamie Drever (four), Kevin Gray (six)
Ton plus checkouts were scored by:  Darryl Robertson 110, Jason Cook 110, Colin Kirkpatrick 118, Kevin Gray 120, Garry Peace 120, Jamie Drever 126, Erlend Lennie 160, Stevie Linklater 100 & 102, Simon Parry 100 & 108, Paul Foubister 100 & 112, Kevin Peace 105 & 115, Wayne Monkman 108 & 109, Ian Linklater 112 & 120 and Dennis Watt 101, 110 & 137.

'A' League            
Legion 7, Untouchables 'A' 5, Wanderers 10, Warriors 2, Legion Arrows 1, Untouchables 11, Commodores 8, OGC 4, Sanday 11, Bilco Boys 1, QBB 3, Nomads 9, Nomads 2, OGC 10.

'B' League
Tigers 8, Sands 4, Tankerness 6, Sanday 'B' 6, Muppets 3, Shapinsay 9, Young Loons 2, Exiles 10, Murray Arms 5, RBL2 7.

Friday November 9: Pitstop Singles (Ranking) Orkney Golf Club, names by 7.30pm.

'A' League            
Legion v Untouchables, Wanderers v OGC, Legion Arrows v Commodores, Sanday v Warriors, QBB v Untouchables 'A', Bilco Boys v Nomads.

'B' League
Tigers v Sanday 'B', Vikings v Shapinsay, Tankerness v Muppets, Young Loons v Quoyburray, Murray Arms v Sands, Exiles v RBL2.

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