05 December 2016
Kevin wins Scollie Masters



At last a decent turnout for a ranking points event as 43 entered the Jim Scollie Masters Singles and that included 15 ‘B’ league players and the star was young Nicol Gray as he made the points section with wins against James Flett of the Wanderers and the Albyn Shield Singles champion before bowing out to the Legion captain Derek Firth.

It was a great competition with a lot of the top ranking point leaders going out with no points. Players like Robbie Stanger, Stevie Linklater and Ian Wilkie but nobody could look at Kevin Gray as he stormed his way into the final. Waiting there was Sandays Ivan Leslie but Kevin wasn’t giving up his title to anyone as he stormed to 5-2 win to top the ranking table with an average of 81.84, Ivan had 77.34 and that standard would be accepted in any league in Scotland.

Ranking table points: Kevin Gray, 26; Ian Linklater, 21; Stevie Linklater, 17; Ivan Leslie, 17; Robbie Stanger, 15; Derek Firth, 13; Alan Gray, 11; Billy Ward, 10; Andrew Moar, 10; Gary Wilson, 10; Ryan Tulloch, 10 and another 16 players have points ranging from 8 to 3.

Next and last ranking points event for the first half is the Festive Singles which is open to male and female players on Friday, December 9 in the Masonic. It’s also the night of the festive raffle so make sure all tickets are returned to the treasurer before then – don’t leave it to the last night.

With only a couple of games to go in the Williamsons Dart League, the Legion still lead the ‘A’ league by three points after maintaining their 100% record after a 9-3 defeat of the Untouchables and now in second spot on their own are the Commodore after a 8-4 win over the Golf Club. That defeat allowed the Untouchables ‘A’ and Sanday to close the gap on third place to two points. The Sanday boys beat Quoyburray ‘B’ 9-3 with the Untouchables ‘A’ going one better 10-2 out in Burray. A very good win for the Warriors as they piled the pressure for the Wanderers with a 7-5 win and that keeps the Wanderers down in equal second bottom spot.

No many results in from the Williamsons ‘B’ league, only two cards been handed in. The Muppets had a very good win over St Ola by a score of 9-3 but look out for the Murray Arms as are now in Second spot after a 8-4 defeat of the Vikings but there’s all to play for as many teams have games in hand – all games must be completed by December 9 or it might be up to the committee to decide results.

180s from Colin Barnett, Ian Findlay, Trevor Shearer, Brian Stevenson, Ben Hogan, Gary Wilson, Ivan Leslie, Colin Kirkpatrick, Freddie Tait, Jim Brown, Leigh Shearer, Grant Harrold, Derek Ward snr; Aaron Edwardson, Nicol Gray, two from Ryan Tulloch, James Flett and three from Billy Ward and Derek Firth, Robbie Stanger hit four and Kevin Gray six. High checkouts of 100 from Neil Croy, 104 Jamie Rendall, 101, 115 and 120 Kevin Gray, 108 Martin Peace, 108-125-127 Ian Wilkie, 111 Stevie Linklater, 106 Gary Norquoy, 112 Michael Muir and Gordon Rendall, 115 Ryan Tulloch, 118 Brett Dickinson, 116 and 119 Ivan Leslie, 154 Gary Chalmers and 171 twice from Daryl Robertson. Ivan Leslie had a 12 darter, Ryan Tulloch had a 14 and 15 dart legs.

Don’t’ forget to get these score cards into the Legion by 12 noon on the Saturday.
Jim Scollie Masters Singles Final: Kevin Gray beat Ivan Leslie 5-2

Williamsons ‘A’ League
Sands 2 2, Untouchables ‘A’ 10; Legion 9, Untouchables 3; Wanderers 5, Warriors 7; Sanday 9, Quoyburray ‘B’ 3; Commdore 8, OGC 4; no game – Legion Arrows.
Williamsons ‘B’ League
Bilco Boys v Quoyburray – postponed; Tankerness v Nomads – no card; Muppets 9, St Ola 3; Vikings 4, Murray Arms 8; Motorhoose v Shapinsay – no card; no game – St Ola ‘B’.

Friday, December 9: Festive Singles (ranking), Masonic, 7.30pm.

Monday, December 5
Williamsons ‘A’ League
Sands 2 v Untouchables; Legion Arrows v Warriors; Legion v Quoyburray ‘B’; Wanderers v Commodore; Sanday v OGC; no game – Untouchables ‘A’.
Williamsons ‘B’ League
Quoyburray v Nomads; Tankerness v St Ola; St Ola ‘B’ v Murray Arms; Muppets v Motorhoose; Vikings v Shapinsay; no game – Bilco Boys.

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