18 November 2016
Steve wins Pit Stop Cup

Not a huge turnout for the Pit Stop Singles, the second of the ranking point’s events. Only 33 players, ten down on last year and 13 of them were ‘B’ players and one of them stole the headlines, he was Andrew Moar of the Bilco Boys, as he stormed his way into the semi-finals taking out two of the top players on the way.  There he met the defending champ, Kevin Gray, and Kevin had to come from behind to win 4-3 but Andrew had plenty of darts to win it. In the top half, Stevie Linklater had a struggle to overcome Brother Ian in the semi-final but had won also 4-3. So it looked like the dream final with the top two players in the KDDL clashing as it turned out, it was a very interesting final with both players on top form but as the game reached the half way mark, Kevin’s darts started to fall a little and Stevie took full advantage and stormed to a 5-2 win. The averages were pretty good, Stevie’s 86.52 and Kevin’s 77.37.
Top positions in the ranking table are Stevie Linklater 17 points, Ian Linklater 16 points, Robbie Stanger 15 points, Kevin Gray 14 points, Andrew Moar 10 points, Alan Gray 8 points, Ivan Leslie 8 points, Bruce Moar 7 points, Eddie Drever 7 points, Neil Croy 6 points, Derek Firth 6 points and Craig Taylor 6 points. Another nine players have ranking from 5 to 3 points.
Up to 53 players have taken part in the two ranking events and the next one is just around the corner, it’s the Jim Scollie Masters on Friday, November 25 in the Legion Club but before all that there’s the little matter of a ranking points event Friday night, 18th, it’s the ‘B’ League Doubles in the Legion. Names in by 7.30pm, for ‘B’ registered players only. The ‘B’ ranking points is to help select a team to play in the annual East v West game later on.
In the Williamsons leagues coming close to the festive break, there’s no change at the top of the ‘A’ league as the Legion still lead by six points after getting a different game against the inform Untouchables ‘A’, 8-4 was the score but keeping pace with them are both the Commodore, 9-3 winners over the Warriors and the Golf Club, 10-2 winners over Quoyburray ‘B’ but Sanday lost ground as they went down 7-5 to the Untouchables for only their second win this season. There were welcoming points for the Legion Arrows with a 7-5 defeat of the Sands 2 which leaves them bottom of the league.
In the Williamsons ‘B’ League, it looks like a who can catch Quoyburray as they move clear at the top of the league with a 11-1 win over the new boys, St Ola ‘B’. Their main challengers are the Bilco Boys who crashed 7-5 to Tankerness. There was a first win for the St Ola boys 9-3 against the Motorhoose. The Nomads look like their hopes are gone as they lost more ground with only a 6 all draw against the Muppets and it was also all square out in the Hope as Shapinsay shared the points in a 6-6 draw against the Murray Arms but both are still in with a promotion shout.
180’s from Ian Findlay, Leigh Shearer, Ian Wilkie, Graham Firth, Erlend Lennie, Jamie Marwick, Jim Brown, two from Ivan Leslie, Ryan Tulloch, Andrew Moar, Bruce Moar, Stevie Linklater and six from Kevin Gray – he had one in every game he played in the Pit Stop Cup.
High checkouts of a 100 from Michael Muir, Jim Hamilton, Ian Linklater, 101 Michael Moodie, 101 and 129 Kevin Gray, 102 and 106 Robbie Stanger, 103, 108, 110, 136 and 145 Stevie Linklater, 106 Derek Ward Jnr, 107 Wilfie Tulloch, 108 Aaron Edwardson, 116 and 122 Andrew Moar, 119 Kenny Gillespie, 138 Leigh Shearer and a table topping 164 from Davy Henderson. Two x 14 leg darts from Stevie Linklater, also a 15 dart leg. Other 15 dart legs from Davy Henderson, Ian Linklater and Andrew Moar.
It’s time now to get the raffle tickets back, to the treasurer. It’s no good leaving it to the last day.


Pit Stop Singles Cup Final: Stevie Linklater beat Kevin Gray 5-2

Williamsons ‘A’ League: Legion Arrows 7, Sands 2 5; Legion 8, Untouchables ‘A’ 4; Sanday 5,

Untouchables 7; Commodores 9, Warriors 3; Quoyburray ‘B’ 2, OGC 10; no game – Wanderers.

Williamsons ‘B’ League: Tankerness 7, Bilco Boys 5; St Ola ‘B’ 1 v Quoyburray 11; Muppets 6,

Nomads 6; Motorhoose 3, St Ola 9; Murray Arms 6, Shapinsay 6; no game – Vikings.


Friday, November 18: ‘B’ League Doubles (Ranking), Legion, 7.30pm

Friday, November 25: Jim Scollie Masters (Ranking), Legion, 7.30pm

Monday, November 25

Williamsons ‘A’ League: Sands 2 v Untouchables ‘A’; Legion v Untouchables; Wanderers v Warriors;

Sanday v Quoyburray ‘B’; Commodores v OGC; no game – Legion Arrows.

Williamsons ‘B’ League: Bilco Boys v Quoyburray; Tankerness v Nomads; Muppets v St Ola; Vikings v

Murray Arms; Motorhoose v Shapinsay; no game – St Ola ‘B’.

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