12 October 2016
Silverware for Stanger in Loutitt Singles

The first ranking event of the new season attracted a new record of 47 players, beating the old record by 4.
The entry included 14 'B' players but only one of them got to the points section and that was Andrew Moar who picked up three points.
As with all big entries, top players were drawn to play each other and by the quarter final time, a lot of them were out including Ivan Leslie, Jim Brown, Ian Wilkie, Brian Moar, Derek Firth to name but a few.
However, the line-up still included Robbie Stanger v Kevin Gray, Billy Ward v Eddie Drever, Bruce Moar v Stevie Linklater and Ian Findlay up against Ian Linklater. Last year's champion Davy Henderson didn't even make the points area.
Some terrific games in the quarter finals and going on to the semi-finals was Robbie, Eddie, Bruce and Ian with Ian and Robbie squaring up for the final and it was Ian's second final after tasting defeat last year.
He didn't fare any better as Robbie beat him 5-1 in the final but it was closer than the score would suggest but Robbie's first class finishing carried the day.
Just an idea of how good the games were, the overall scores included 15 x 180s and 13 finishes of a 100 or more.

The Legion are now clear on their own after inflicting the first defeat on the Golf Club, 9-3 was the score and now along with the Warriors who are also undefeated, but have had a draw, but are the only two teams to yet taste defeat in the Willimsons 'A' League.
The Warriors beat the Untouchables 7-5 who along with the Sands 2 have still to pick up points.
The Warriors who are last years 'B' league champions have the odds against them as no 'B' champs have won the 'A' league title. The next year nearest to that was the Commodore who in 1982-83 were 'B' champs and won the runners up spot the next season in the 'A' league.
Back to the other scores, a first win for the Wanderers 8-4 over the Legion Arrows and another defeat for the Sands 2 as Sanday beat them 8-4 and also first loss for Untouchables 'A' going down 8-4 to the Commodore.

Lots of catch up games played in the Williamsons 'B' League.
Leading the way are Quoyburray still unbeaten with a 9-3 defeat of the Motorhoose but watch out for the Bilco Boys, a change of venue has brought a change of fortune as they chalked up their third win, this week it was the Vikings who went down.
The Nomads lost out 7-5 to the Hope's Murray Arms. who have started to find fine form. The Nomads were also held 6 all by the St Ola Boys and still no joy for the young boys of St Ola 'B' losing out 9-3 to Shapinsay.
 No score in from Tankerness v Muppets game.

Both leagues are on hold for the next couple of weeks for the school holidays and will resume on Monday, October 31.
180s from Ryan Tulloch, Robert Gatt, Neil Croy, Steve Moar, Derek Firth, Robbie Stanger, Ian Findlay, Gary Wilson, Keith Bain, Davy Henderson, Hamish Baillie, Robbie Norquoy and two from Ian Linklater, Stuart Thomson, three from Ivan Leslie and Bruce Moar and four from Leigh Shearer.

High checkouts of a 100 from Leigh Shearer, Kevin Gray, Lee Macpherson and Andrew Moar, 101 Davy Henderson, Eddie Drever, Craig Taylor and Neil Croy, 102 and 115 Bruce Moar, 105 Hamish Baillie, 107 Michael Muir, 108 Robbie Stanger, 114 Gary Wilson, 115 Ian Findlay, 116 and 120 Ivan Leslie, 120 and 130 Stevie Linlater, 124 Roy Griffiths and Davy Henderson, 147 Billy Ward and 156 Ryan Tulloch and Kevin Gray.

With both leagues suspended for the school holidays, its intended to play-off some cup games starting on Monday, October 17 with the St Ola Cup for the 'B' teams of four. All cup games are up on the notice boards.

Festive raffle tickets are now on sale from all team captains. It's drawn at the festive singles night on December, 9.

Next Ranking points event is the Pit Stop Cup in the Golf Club on Friday, November 11. Still some teams using only first names or nicknames on score cards, surnames are required so they can be checked on the registration list.

Louttit Singles (Ranking) final: Robbie Stanger beat Ian Linklater 5-1.

Williamsons 'A' League: Sands 2 4, Sanday 8; Legion Arrows 4, Wanderers 8; OGC 3, Legion 9; Untouchables 5, Warriors 7; Untouchables 'A' 4, Commodores 8; no game - Quoyburray 'B'.

Williamson 'B' League: Bilco Boys 8, Vikings 4; Tankerness  v Muppets - no card; Shapinsay 9, St Ola 'B' 3; Nomads 5, Murray Arms 7; Quoyburray 9, Motorhoose 3; Quoyburray 9, St Ola 3; St Ola 6, Nomands 6.

Monday, October 17 - St Ola Cup (B), Masonic, 7.30pm

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