21 September 2016
Leagues get underway

What a start to the new season of the Kirkwall District Darts Leagues, with lots of big scores including a whitewash in the Williamsons ‘A’ league, and credit for that goes to last years ‘B’ league winners the Warriors as they thumped the Sands 2, 12 nil.
Top match in the ‘A’ league was the clash of last year’s champions, the Legion and last year’s runners up, the Commodore, and it was the champs who came out with a 9-3 win.
The biggest surprise was the 11-1 defeat of the Untouchables by the Untouchables ‘A’ and Quoyburray started of their venture in to the ‘A’ league by beating the Legion Arrows 7-5.
The Sanday versus Wanderers game was postponed.

Plenty of big score in the Williamsons ‘B’ league with the Vikings leading the way.
Last season the Vikings didn’t win any games at all, in fact they only scored one point the whole season but they started of this season with a 11-1 defeat of the Muppets.
Also securing a 11-1 win was the Motorhoose over St Ola ‘B’.
Newly relegated Nomads don’t intend to stay long in the ‘B’ league as they beat Shapinsay 8-4.
Also 8-4 winners were Tankerness out in the 'Hope over at the Murray Arms.
St Ola only had three players so lost out 10-2 to the Bilco Boys but well done to the Ola boys for playing short-handed.

180’s from Andrew Moar, Colin Leslie, Lee Macpherson, Mark Shearer, Andrew Clouston, Ross Groundwater, Kenny Gillespie, Neil Croy, Derek Firth, Robert Gatt, Roy Foubister, Brian Stevenson, and two from Ian Wilkie.
High checkouts of 104, Wayne Small, 105 Grant Harrold, 117 Freddie Tait, and 120 Trevor Shearer, John Thomson and Clive Hewison scored 177.

Team captains are reminded that surnames and not just first names and nicknames are required on score cards so that names can be checked on registration lists.
Also there is no rule that states ‘A’ games must be played on Mondays and ‘B’ games on Tuesdays.
League games can be played Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays if no ladies games arranged that night.

There will be a committee meeting on Wednesday, September 28, at 8pm, in the Masonic.

It's cup game time Friday night with the Allied Hotels Cup.
It’s in the Legion Club and it’s for ‘A’ league teams of three or four players.
Names in by 7.30pm so teams with six players signed can enter two teams and it consists of three singles plus one team game, all three legs of 501.
If a draw, it’s a prenominated singles to decide a winner.
If any player has unplayed cups, please hand them into the Masonic Club.

Williamsons ‘A’ League
Wanderers v Sanday – Postponed; Commodore 3, Legion 9; Quoyburray ‘B’ 7, Legion Arrows 5; Warriors 12, Sands 2 0; Untouchables 1, Untouchables ‘A’ 1; no game – OGC.

Williamson ‘B’ League
Nomads 8, Shapinsay 4; Motorhoose 11, St Ola ‘B’ 1; Muppets 1, Vikings 11; Murray Arms 4, Tankerness 8; St Ola 2, Bilco Boys 10; no game – Quoyburray.

Friday, September 23 - Allied Hotels Cup (A), Legion, 7.30pm.

Monday, September 26
Williamsons ‘A’ League
Wanderers v Legion; Sanday v Legion Arrows; Commodores v Sands 2; Quoyburray ‘B’ v Untouchables ‘A’; Untouchables v OGC; no game – Warriors.

Williamson ‘B’ League
Muppets v St Ola ‘B’; Vikings v Tankerness; Motorhoose v Bilco Boys; Murray Arms v Quoyburray; St Ola v Nomads; no game – Shapinsay.

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